3d Spring Break Past Participants

2017 Teams 2016 Teams 2015 Teams
Brunswick School Anderson Alamo Heights
Andover Arapahoe Austin HS
BB&N Girls Austin Brunswick School
CBC Lacrosse Club Boulder Cardigan Mountain
Columbus Academy Boys Brunswick Chatfield HS
Columbus Academy Girls Cardigan Mountain Columbus Academy Boys
Exeter Columbus Academy Boys Columbus Academy Girls
Flower Mound Lacrosse Columbus Academy Girls Douglas County
Hackley Garrison Forest Girls Hackley School
Loomis Chaffee Hackley School Hawken
Memorial High School Hawken School Hill School
Middlesex School Kent Denver School Kent Denver
Milton Academy Kent Denver Girls Lawrence Academy Boys
Mountain Vista Loomis Chaffee Lawrence Academy Girls
National Cathedral Memorial HS Loomis Chaffee
New Hampton Boys Middlesex Memorial High School
New Hampton Girls Millbrook Millbrook School
Oak Hall Eagles Milton Academy Milton Academy
Potomac School Mountain Vista HS  Mountain Vista
Proctor Academy Mullen HS Mullen HS
Saint Viator New Hampton Boys New Hampton Boys
Sewickley Academy New Hampton Girls New Hampton Girls
The Hill School Girls Pennington School Girls Nobles and Greenough
Wilmington Friends Phillip Exeter Philips Exeter
  Pomfret Pomfret School
  Proctor Proctor
  Saint Viator St. Albans
  Southlake Carroll St. Christophers
  Suffield Academy Girls Taft School Boys 
  Taft School Girls Taft School Girls
  The Hill School West Linn
  West Lin HS Woodberry Forest
  Wilmington Friends  
  Woodberry Forest