SOL Games Rules

SOL Games Rules

2019 Fall Rules

2019 US Lacrosse rules will be used for all 2022 through 2027 Divisions

All Teams, youth and HS, will play the following exception:

  • If at the end of each half, a major foul by the defense in the 8 meter arc has been whistled, the shot will be awarded. One shot, no pass, no rebound play.
  • No jewelry is allowed on players.
  • Uniforms must meet USL rules, FP on the first draw if they do not, if both teams are illegal, start with a draw.
  • The first alternate possession will always go to the light colored uniform team.

2019 Youth Rules

In addition to the above, 2023-26 will play USL youth rules:
• Modified checking
• 3 second rule for good defensive positioning
• No deputy may be used for the goalie at any time.
• No follow through into the goal circle. Stick or body. No passes needed.
• The 1 pass rule will not be used
Self start

In addition to the above, 2026-27 will play:
• 12 v 12 full field
• No checking
• 3 second Rule for good defensive position
• The 3 passes rule will not be used.
• The 4 goal rule will not be used.

Game Timing

• Games times will be determined for each event and the clock will run at all times.
• The central horn is the official time and must be followed.
• No time outs.
• In bracket play games may end in a tie.

Team Behavior

The head coach will be responsible for the behavior of personnel affiliated with their team,
including all assistant coaches and fans, and will receive any cards related to lack of bench
A yellow (2 mins) or red card (4 mins) to the coach counts towards the team fouls and a player
must be removed.
Players receiving 2 yellows will not have to sit the following game, but it will be reported to the
tournament director and subsequent cards could result in suspension.
A coach or player receiving a red card could be required to sit an additional game.
All decisions on penalties for cards will be at the discretion of the tournament committee
and the head official.
Updated: September, 2018