Oceanside Hustle Format and Rules

Oceanside Hustle Format and Rules

Tournament Format

Game Guarantee

All teams are guaranteed a minimum of five games over the course of two days.

Game Rules

  • Games will be scheduled in 50 minute time blocks
  • Games will consist of two 22-minute running halves with a 1 minute halftime
  • 5 minutes in between games
  • In case of a tie at the end of regulation, one 3-minute, sudden victory overtime will be played
  • If still tied at the end of the first overtime, a braveheart will be played. No time-outs are allowed
    *NO LONG POLES in braveheart
  • All participants must register on the 3dlacrosse website
  • Game MVP chosen on each team after every game
  • Pool play and championship play
  • For bracket play ONLY (semi-finals and finals), there will be stop time for the last two minutes of the game


There will be pool play and championship play in the Oceanside Hustle. How well a team does in pool play will determine their seeding for the championship. Seeding ties are broken in the following way:

  1. Record in pool play
  2. Head-to-head*
  3. Goals against
  4. Goal differential
  5. Coin flip

*In the case of a two way tie head-to-head record will be used, in the case of a three way tie the seeding tie will be broken by goals against- NOT head-to-head

Boys Rules

Penalty time will be served as 45 seconds and 90 seconds respectively due to running time halves.

2020/21 - 2023 Divisions

2019 NCAA Rules

No Zone Defense

2024 -  2027/28 Divisions

US Lacrosse Rules
No Zone Defense
No Counts

Girls Rules

2025/26: Modified checking
2024: Full checking
High School: Full checking
All games will follow US Lacrosse Rules and Regulations
There will be a mandatory stick check at the beginning of each girl teams first game.

Girls Penalties

  • Two yellow cards for one player will result in that player sitting the remainder of current game but the player is eligible to play in the games following
  • A red card will result in that player sitting the remainder of the current game and the head official, field official, and tournament director reviewing the player to determine the players status for the remainder of the tournament