Denver Shootout All-Star Games

Denver Shootout All-Star Games

2020 Denver Shootout All-Star Game Schedule

5:00 PM Boys Unified Lacrosse Game - Field 8
6:00 PM Boys 2023 All-Star Game - Field 8
7:00 PM Boys 2021 All-Star Game - Field 8
8:00 PM Boys 2022 All-Star Game - Field 8

The names of the players selected for the All-Star teams will be posted online, on Tourney Machine and at the tournament headquarters tent on Saturday, two hours prior to the start of each game.  All players selected should meet on the assigned field 15 minutes prior to the game to get their All-Star Game jerseys and meet their coaches. 

2020 All-Stars will be available on Tourney Machine and here when selected.

All-Star Game Selection Procedure

Teams will be comprised of up to 25 players. Selections will be made after the first two games of the tournament.

Nomination forms will be emailed to Team Coaches/Administrators two weeks prior to the tournament. Forms will be due one week prior to the start date of the tournament. Only forms that have been returned will be included in the selection process. Selections will be made from a combination of Team Coach Nominations and College Coach Nominations. Team Coach Nominations will be considered first, as coaches know their players the best. Any holes that remain will be filled in by the players with the most college coach nominations.

**Original nomination form must be completed and returned to Erin Herman by the deadline to be included in the selection process. Calls, texts and emails will not be accepted as a nomination form.

The top 4 AA teams in each age division, based on their tournament record after the first two games, will receive first priority on the roster. Remaining teams will receive up to 1 player (not guaranteed) per team based on their team nomination forms. The top player in an open position will receive the spot. (Example – the All-Star team needs an attack, the team coach nominated their attack as their 4th strongest player. Even though the coach ranked other positions as stronger players, the need is for an attackman.) All other positions will be selected from the team coach and college coach nominations. Players in the A division will still be eligible for the All-Star Games, however the majority of the selections will come from the AA division.

**It is the Team Coach’s responsibility to contact 3d Events team if one of their nominated players will not be playing in the tournament (or able to play in the All-Star Game) for any reason. If the selected player is not able to participate in the All-Star Game due to injury, it is not guaranteed that the team will be able to replace him with another player from their roster.

College coaches prefer to see both committed and uncommitted players in the All-Star Games. Seeing uncommitted players perform against players already deemed NCAA caliber helps them to evaluate players relative to the talent of a committed player. Ultimately, we want the best players in the All-Star games. We understand that there is pressure to get looks for uncommitted players and it is at your discretion to nominate committed players or not. That said, it’s important to understand that college coaches may ask to see committed players included in the All-Star game whether nominated or not, and it’s at the discretion of 3d Lacrosse to honor the request of the college coach.