Shannon Cruwys

3d Staff 2018-47.jpg
Coordinator, Colorado

Shannon joined 3d in early 2014 as our office manager in Denver.  She spends much of her time making sure things run smoothly at headquarters. In January 2021, Shannon became the Coordinator for 3d Colorado.

Prior to 3d, Shannon spent nine years in the telecommunications industry.  She spent the majority of her team spearheading special projects and managing vendors.

She is a graduate of George Mason University

Shannon lives in Denver with her husband and two sons.

Coordinator, Colorado & Office Manager
Words of Wisdom 
Be the change
Best Advice You Ever Received 
Eat your veggies
Worst Advice You Ever Received 
to change my hair for a meeting (long story)
Personality in one hashtag 
Professional Passion 
Being an asset
Farthest Traveled from U.S. 
Costa Rica
What do you do away from work 
Boot Camp
What's on the playlist 
Van Halen
Favorite Movie Line 
"Luke, I am your Father…NOOOOOOOOO"
Favorite All-time Matchup 
Thing One and Thing Two