Youth Connecticut Winter Box Lacrosse League 2020

Youth Connecticut Winter Box Lacrosse League 2020


Program Overview

3d NE South is excited to bring the same format for its hugely successful Prep School Winter Box League – the CTWBLL – to youth lacrosse players in Winter 2020. 

Box lacrosse has become quickly recognized as one of the best ways for players to hone in on their skills. The tight confinements of the box playing area, forces players to shoot/pass quicker and faster while still being a deceptive shooter/passer. Box lacrosse is very fundamental, however, there is times when players have to be creative in order to ensure a good pass and/or shot. In 3d lacrosse we have broken down these creative skill sets and our goal is to teach our players how to bring these skills to their field game.

Why Box Lacrosse?

Each team will consist of 15 +  players and a goalie (3d lacrosse will provide ALL goalie gear). Players will receive 45 minutes of training from expert box lacrosse coaches prior to starting game play.  Youth Team Coaches are WELCOME to participate – limit 2 per team.  Our Master Box Coaches will be teaching how to play the indoor game, the differences in rules, as well as areas that will help the field game. The repetition in drills prior to the games is equally as important, if not more important, than the games themselves. Players will come away with a new understanding of pick and rolls both offensively and defensively as well as learn new moves and techniques which they have an opportunity to work on and showcase in the forty-minute running game.

Age Groups

  • Senior Bracket (7-8 Grade)
  • Junior Bracket (5-6 Grade)

** 4 teams per bracket limit


February 1st, 8th, 15th, 29th (not 22nd)

  • 12:30 – 2:00 pm 


Oakwood Soccer Center
40 Oakwood Drive
Glastonbury, CT

League Format

  • 45 minutes of BOX specific Training by TEAM
  • Town TEAM Coaches can coach their teams and these coaches will be expected to be active in learning and coaching the Box concepts. 
  • ALL practices would be MASTER COACHED by our 3d staff and games would be officiated by 3d Staff.
  • 40 Minute REAL box game against one of the other teams.
  • 3 Week Regular season – each team play all others
  • Stats will be kept for each player and posted on TeamApp
  • Final Week – top 2 teams play each other for a championship
  • Team minimum is 15 players each – you will quickly see that you can play a field 7 v 7 game with barely 10 players and be fine.  In the box, if you only have 10 players – they will be EXHAUSTED since the typical shift is MAX 2 minutes – think ice hockey and having 3 lines instead of 2 makes a HUGE difference.

Program Components

  • Box Lacrosse Jersey/Pinney 
  • All goalie gear will be provided by 3d Lacrosse
  • Designated season long Goalies can play for free


$135 / player

Coaching Staff

Seth Jacoby, Director, NE South and Jr. NE Blackwolves
Bryan Reinert, Manager, NE South

CLICK HERE to view all our 3d Select Coaches

Event Date 
January 1, 2020 to February 29, 2020
Contact Us
For more information, please contact:

Megan Clune
Coordinator, NE South
[email protected]

Seth Jacoby
Director, NE South
[email protected]