Tri-State Boys and Girls Fall Shooting Clinic

Tri-State Boys and Girls Fall Shooting Clinic

Program Overview

Come train with our 3d Tri-State staff of highly skilled coaches at our Fall Shooting Clinic! This  clinic is open to both boys and girls that will focus on a variety of shooting and finishing techniques to take any player's scoring abilities to the next level. We will focus on different core shooting techniques and provide each player with hundreds of reps multiplying the progress they would otherwise have at regular practices. 

Every player will benefit by becoming a more effective and stronger finisher. Each 90 minute session will push players out of their comfort zone in high tempo drills, working on both inside and outside shooting.


Player development is the most important and least emphasized component of lacrosse throughout the nation. Our main goal is to enhance and develop lacrosse specific skills while teaching players how to implement these skills in game situations.  Shooting, as well as speed and agility, are critical parts of any offensive player’s development and should be a focus during off-season periods. During our training sessions players will receive a significant number of valuable repetitions with a 3d coach in a variety of shooting and finishing techniques. 

Age Groups

Boys and Girls
2023 - 2028

*** Players will be divided by age for Shooting Drills. All drills will be NON-CONTACT. 
*** This Clinic is limited to 20 Offensive Players in order to ensure the maximum number of reps for all participants ***


9/17 and 9/24


5:30 PM - 7:00 PM 


Westchester Turf and Tennis
5 Browns Lane
Hawthorne, NY 10532



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Chris Doctor 
Director, Tri-State
[email protected]

Event Date 
September 17, 2018 to September 24, 2018