3d SoCal Girls - Skills/Evaluation Clinic

3d SoCal Girls - Skills/Evaluation Clinic

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Program Overview

3d SoCal lacrosse is excited to get our second season of girls select training underway this fall!  August 25th at Del Norte High School will serve as a skills/evaluation clinic for all girls looking to train and compete this fall/winter season. This 2-hour skills clinic will resemble a typical select practice in both tempo, curriculum, organization, and number of reps each player receives all the while allowing our staff to evaluate players for the fall/winter select program.  Our goal will continue to provide all girls in Southern California with progressive training, elite coaching, and opportunities for college placement.

We will split the months of September – January into two separate seasons, fall and winter. 

  • FALL:  All youth girls will be eligible for training + rec league competition while HS girls will partake solely in fall training. 
  • WINTER:  All players youth/HS are eligible for training.  Tournament teams for both youth/HS will be configured through invite only, selected by our coaching staff based off fall training. 


Training is our top priority; creating a highly intuitive environment designed to maximize reps and small-sided methodology to help build an individual’s positional skill-set but also knowledge in team concepts. Our organized curriculum is designed to foster a player’s potential in all facets of the game. 'All position - no position' to increase players all-around lacrosse IQ in dodging/finishing, defense, special situations such as 8m free position and draw/circle play are skills each player should possess some familiarity.  Experience in all aspects of the game has the ability to uncover one's unique 'knack' for a particular position/facet within the game.  

    Offensive Skills     Defensive Skills     Special Situations
  • Stick work
  • Dodging
  • Inside finishing
  • Box/field skills
  • Off-Ball movement
  • Footwork/change
    of direction
  • Approach
  • Off-Ball tenants
    & positioning
  • Small-sided games
  • 8m free position
  • Draw & circle play
  • Box/field skills
  • Transition attack
    & recovery

Our training option is available for anyone interested and we will send out invites to players interested in participating in tournaments. For more information please reach contact [email protected]

Training Schedule coming soon!

Age Groups

  • 2020 - High School Senior in Fall 2019
  • 2021 - High School Junior in Fall 2019
  • 2022 - High School Sophomore in Fall 2019
  • 2023 - High School Freshman in Fall 2019
  • 2024 - 8th grader in Fall 2019
  • 2025 - 7th grader in Fall 2019
  • 2026 - 6th grader in Fall 2019
  • 2027 - 5th grader in Fall 2019
  • 2028 - 4th grader in Fall 2019


Sunday August, 25th


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Del Norte High School
16601 Nighthawk Ln, San Diego, CA 92127



Program Includes

Coaches Bio’s

  • Kelly Curran – Div II University of Southern New Hampshire,  Cathedral Catholic Asst, 3d Girls Master Coach  
  • Michaela Lawrence - Div III College Of Wooster
  • Kayleigh Dube – Div II University of Southern New Hampshire
  • Ally Howard - Div II Grand Valley State University, 8+ years collegiate coaching experience, former 3d New England South Girls Master Coach  
  • Tom Bragg - 3d SoCal Director 
  • Eric Dance - 3d SoCal Manager

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Event Date 
August 25, 2019
Del Norte High School - Stadium
16601 Nighthawk Ln
San Diego, CA 92127
United States
Contact Us
For questions about this program or 3d SoCal please contact us

Thomas Butterfield-Bragg Director, SoCal [email protected]

Eric Dance Manager, San Diego [email protected]

Kelly Breihan Coordinator, California [email protected]