3d NorCal Partial - Summer 2018 Registration

3d NorCal Partial - Summer 2018 Registration


3d NorCal Partial Registration

3d Lacrosse is excited to announce our 3d NorCal Summer program. 3d Lacrosse is committed to delivering a superior club team experience for players and families looking for more than what is typically offered in the market place. Our level of instruction is unique and unlike anything most players have ever experienced. Our ability to develop players is unparalleled in the lacrosse training landscape today. Our mission is simple: develop individual players to their full potential



Player development and team training is the most important aspect of a youth or scholastic lacrosse player’s experience, but yet tends to be the least emphasized component of club lacrosse nationwide. 3d Lacrosse consistently produces structured training camp scenarios that foster learning and rapid player development that will undoubtedly help a player achieve a higher level of overall performance.

Players will be immersed in the 3d Lacrosse Methodology, which thrusts them into high-speed, high-repetition, scenarios featuring playmaking in tight spaces and small-sided learning environments. The result is an accelerated development of player IQ and stick skills, as players benefit from a far greater number of touches in these scenarios than what is typically provided by a traditional field lacrosse practice.  

Training Schedules

Summer 2018 Tournaments

3d NorCal 2019 Team

3d NorCal 2020 Team

  • Baltimore Summer Kickoff II (Baltimore, MD):  June 15-17, 2018
  • Naptown Challenge (Baltimore, MD): July 9-11, 2018
  • FLG in 3d (Boyds, MD): July 13-15, 2018

3d NorCal 2021 Team

3d NorCal 2022 Team

3d NorCal 2023 Team

Travel Information

Program Options

Please choose the correct program option for your registration, if unsure check your invitation or email with instructions...

3d NorCal 2019, 3d NorCal 2020 or 3d NorCal 2021

  • OPTION 1:  $2,050 - 3d NorCal 2020 or 3d NorCal 2021 Missing One Tournament
  • OPTION 2:  Only participating in one high school tournament. Includes tournament fees only training is not included.

3d NorCal 2022 or 3d NorCal 2023

  • OPTION 3 :  3d NorCal 2022 or 3d NorCal 2023 Missing One Tournament
  • OPTION 4:  Only participating in one tournament Riptide or FLG in 3d. Includes tournament fees. Training is not included.
  • OPTION 5:  Only participating in local Western Lacrosse Championship. Includes tournament fees. Training is not included.

* We are using the same jersey as Fall/Winter. If you are a returning player and your jersey still fits well for this summer, enter your jersey number during registration.  

Additional Program Options - Uniform & Player Pack ($100)

The uniform and player pack are NOT included with options 2, 4, & 5 above.  All returning players from the Fall/Winter 2017 can reuse their jersey as our style will be the same.  Anyone else will need to purchase a uniform with OPTION 2.  If you are returning and have a jersey, choose OPTION 1, if you need a uniform and player pack please choose OPTION 2.  


  • OPTION 1:  $2,050
  • OPTION 2:   $500
  • OPTION 3:   $1700
  • OPTION 4:  $400
  • OPTION 5:  $350

Registration Saver 

3d Lacrosse has a strict No Refund Policy. Please review our policy at your convenience and consider purchasing the third party insurance offered by Registration Saver, an AIG product. This is an excellent idea to protect your financial investment made in travel arrangements, player health, and family emergencies.

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US Lacrosse

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3d has national network of relationships along with an experienced staff that is an unparalleled resource in helping families navigating the complex college recruiting landscape.  We believe there is a place for every player that wants to play college lacrosse and we are committed to helping players find the right school and lacrosse program.  Whether it is Division I, II, III or MCLA, there are a lot of great options out there and a place for everyone.

Coaching Staff

  • Andy Bonasera
  • Mike Kruger
  • Matt Palasek

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For more information, please contact:

Mike Kruger or Kelly Breihan

Event Date 
June 3, 2018 to July 22, 2018