3d NE South Youth Evaluation Day

3d NE South Youth Evaluation Day


Program Overview

3d Lacrosse is committed to delivering a superior training and club team experience for Southern New England lacrosse players and families looking for more than what is typically offered in the marketplace. 3d’s combination of exceptional and passionate coaches, carefully trained in the 3d Lacrosse Methodology, followed by consistent instruction is unlike anything most youth lacrosse players have experienced. The tempo and tactics of 3d practices will resemble those of collegiate lacrosse and we relate these same skills from our best high school players down to our youngest players.  With our younger ages, we stress SKILL development on the field.

The 3d mission is simple: develop individual players to help them reach their fullest potential on and off the field.  We are sure to focus on all aspects of player development – especially off the field, character building and we challenge our players to be the best they can be in all parts of their life.

We are a nationally strong company in over 15 markets whose customers are seeking the highest level of sports training in the country both on and off the field.  We will push all of our players – at the youngest and the oldest ages and make them accountable to themselves and their teammates in a fun and up-beat environment.  Our 3d NE South summer staff includes Hall of Fame coaches at the college, prep school and high school level, many of whom played at the highest levels as well as some local college players who help out.  What they are is KNOWLEDGE, PASSIONATE and COMMITTED to make your son’s the best they can be.  We are focused on player development and growth in every way and know that we can use lacrosse as a voice to influence greater change in most young men – and we embrace this challenge every day and every way.

We will be building a 2026 and 2027/28 team for this summer. Both of these teams will be included in ALL aspects of our summer program including our Training Camp and our speakers/character development training which will include leadership training, a nutritionist, a speed trainer and team building sessions – in addition to over 30 hours of on-field training.

**All players MUST register in advance**


Players will receive training in 3d Lacrosse Methodology, a proven methodology for accelerating player development. Training sessions will emphasize small-sided learning environments with fast-paced, high-repetition/high-touch drills to develop instincts and increase player IQ. Every player will leave each training session with refined skills and a renewed love for the game.


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TEAM COACHES:  In addition to Seth Jacoby and Bryan Reinert of 3d NE South, the TEAM COACHES will be Kevan Bowler and a current college player


  • 2026: $800.00  – Includes Custom Team Uniform and player pack as well as over 30 hours of training, 2 tournament and participation in all “off-field” character building activities.
  • 2027/28: $525.00  – Includes Custom Team Uniform and player pack as well as over 30 hours of training, 1 tournament and participation in all “off-field” character building activities. 




Sunday, June 2nd, 2019


4:00PM - 6:00PM


Glastonbury Riverfront Park
300 Welles Street 
Glastonbury, CT


FREE (Please still register, so we can contact you with any updates)

Event Date 
June 2, 2019
Contact Us
For more information, please contact:

Megan Clune
Coordinator, NE South
[email protected]