3d Houston Box League Training 2017

Program Overview

3d Lacrosse is excited to announce our HBL Training for 8th-Kindergarten Players. This program will allow players that are participating in HBL to receive additional box lacrosse training twice a week, every Monday and Wednesday. 

Our staff at 3d Lacrosse has decades of collective experience coaching the box lacrosse game. The skills used in box lacrosse make our players better on the field. When taught the correct way, players will experience tremendous skill development in the box which translates to the field as a leader, thinker, and skilled playmaker. It is simply the fastest engine of skill development in the sport. Players will be able to translate the skills they learn during training and see immediate improvement on the floor. Box Lacrosse skills and techniques such as high level stick handling, finishing, faking, feeding, physical dodging, the two man game, picks and screens, off ball motion and how to play against all of these skills defensively will be the focus of our program.


Battle Line Sports Texas
2010 Pech Rd.
Houtson, TX 77055



Monday, September 11th
Wednesday, September 13th
Monday, September 18th
Wednesday, September 20th
Monday, September 25th
Wednesday, September 27th


Novice - (Youth 2025-2026) & Tyke - (Youth 2027-2029)

  • 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Bantam - (Middle School 2022-2024)

  • 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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For more information please contact:
Janelle Futch
Coordinator, Houston
[email protected]

Event Date 
September 11, 2017
Battle Line Sports Texas
2010 Pech Rd.
Houston, TX 77055
United States