3d Georgia Box/Field Elite Camp 2018

3d Georgia Box/Field Elite Camp 2018

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Program Overview

3d Georgia is excited to announce our Summer Box/Field Elite Camp that will run from June 4th-8th, 2018. This box camp will be offered to boys from graduation years 2022 through 2027. Players will be coached by 3d Lacrosse National Box Director, Bob Hamley as well as Johns Hopkins University Assistant Coach, Bill Dwan. 

Training and Skills

3d Lacrosse is looking to bring your game to the next level. At the box camp, the focus will be on player development and lacrosse IQ. During the five days you will see dramatic improvements in your game. The tempo of practice and the box environment creates situations that force you to get out of your comfort zone.

Each player will learn box nuances and skills. Included will be finishing, faking, feeding, dodging in tight confines, 2-man game, box man-up/man-down, face-offs, transition offense/defense, on-ball screens and picks, off-ball screens and picks, and total team concepts. Players will be constantly engaged and receive hundreds of touches over the course of five days. Our coaches will help players master box skills and concepts and bring them home to use on the field.

Benefits of Box Lacrosse

Tight Confines

Everyone knows that when space is reduced it speeds up the game and produces an environment where quicker decisions have to be made; ball handling skills are therefore amplified. Being in such an environment redefines being “open.” Box players get used to catching passes routinely that field players would be yelled at for throwing. The tight confines are less impacted by the size of the field and more impacted by the size of the goal. Small goals make all the action happen in tighter spaces.

Small Nets

Shooting accuracy and finishing ability are clearly a developmental advantage when learning how to finish on small (4x4) nets., but this isn’t the most important piece. By far, the most important concept taught in the sport of box lacrosse, which is a byproduct of small nets, is always striving to take high percentage shots which is most often attained by positioning the stick to the inside of the field.

 All Short Sticks

In box lacrosse there are no poles. This provides a significant advantage for the development of the offensive players because they can work on their moves and ball handling against a defense that doesn’t beat them up and take the ball away. Too many times attackmen are either over-powered by poles or are discouraged by their coach from dodging because of a bad match up. 5v5 Box lacrosse is a simple game that develops skills to their highest level. Box players work on small-sided situations every practice, all practice.

The 2 Man Game

One of the staples of box lacrosse is the pick and roll both on and off the ball. It is the repetition of the pick and roll executed on the natural side of the players that teaches an extremely high level of reading the defense.

Boards and Glass

The ball is never out of play. Box lacrosse players get more repetitions in practice. Period.

Age Groups

Graduations Years 2022-2027

*Divisions will be determined by high school graduation years. 


June 4th-8th, 2018




June 4th - June 6th 
Union Hill Park
1590 Little Pine Trail
Alpharetta, GA 30005

June 7th - June 8th Mount Pisgah Sports Field
Patriot Athletic Campus
9825 Brumbelow Road
Johns Creek, GA 30022



Coaching Staff

Bob Hamley, Director, Georgia
Bill Dwan, Assistant Coach, Johns Hopkins University 


For more information, please contact:
Allie Davis
Manager, Eastern Operations
[email protected]

Event Date 
June 4, 2018 to June 8, 2018