3d SoCal Girls - Summer 2019 Program

3d SoCal Girls - Summer 2019 Program

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Program Overview

This summer 3d is excited to jump back into Select Girls Lacrosse as we aim to put together a high school and youth training curriculum with options to compete in select tournaments. We plan to attend two summer tournaments both in state. Those not yet ready to make the full switch are still able to ‘Train Only’ as providing ‘rep heavy’ up-tempo skill development training is our main premise. Our goal is to provide girls in Southern California with progressive training, elite coaching, and opportunities for college placement.

Training is our top priority; creating a highly intuitive environment designed to maximize reps and small-sided methodology to help build an individual’s positional skill-set but also knowledge in team concepts. Our organized curriculum is designed to foster a player’s potential in all facets of the game. 'All position - no position' to increase players all-around lacrosse IQ in dodging/finishing, defense, special situations such as 8m free position and draw/circle play are skills each player should possess some familiarity.  Experience in all aspects of the game has the ability to uncover one's unique 'knack' for a particular position/facet within the game.  

Offensive Skills                     

  • Stick work
  • Dodging
  • Inside finishing
  • Box/field skills
  • Off-Ball movement
Defensive Skills                     

  • Footwork/change of direction
  • Approach
  • Off-Ball tenants & positioning
  • Small-sided games


Special Situations                     

  • 8m free position
  • Draw & circle play
  • Box/field skills
  • Transition attack & recovery



Our training option is available for anyone interested and we will send out invites to players interested in participating in tournaments. For more information please reach contact [email protected]

College Placement

3d Lacrosse has a thriving national presence on our girls side in the Oregon, Colorado, Mid-Atlantic, New England markets. Our girls methodology curriculum is overseen by National Director, Kristin Ash, who has worked to develop a progressive methodology while Syracuse Asst Coach Regy Thorpe serves as our Chief Lacrosse Officer focusing on building girls box lacrosse while focusing on our tournament & league lineup each select season.

All Players will receive:

  1. A college placement seminar set to provide advisement into the college process
  2. An opportunity to be nominated for the 3d STX Rising girls summer Showcase


Player development and team training is the most important aspect of a youth or scholastic lacrosse player’s experience, but yet tends to be the least emphasized component of club lacrosse nationwide. 3d Lacrosse consistently produces structured training camp scenarios that foster learning and rapid player development that will undoubtedly help a player achieve a higher level of overall performance.

Players will be immersed in the 3d Lacrosse Methodology, which thrusts them into high-speed, high-repetition, scenarios featuring playmaking in tight spaces and small-sided learning environments. The result is an accelerated development of player IQ and stick skills, as players benefit from a far greater number of touches in these scenarios than what is typically provided by a traditional field lacrosse practice.

Training Schedule

We will begin with three ‘touch-points’ this spring, one each month serving to check in with players and begin introducing future skills and curriculum. These two-hour sessions will be open to players bringing a friend who may also want to experience our 3d training. Our only requirement is that all players have a US Lacrosse membership as this is required for insurance on our fields.

Spring Training @ San Elijo Middle School, San Marcos CA

  • March 17th 
  • April 28th 
  • May 12th 

Summer training will take place twice a week totaling 16 hours in June, Monday & Wednesday evenings, for two/three hours. Our two practices leading up to ‘Pac Lax Festival’ will be three hours for final tournament review.
Summer Training @ Pac Ridge High School, Carlsbad CA

  • June 3rd
  • June 5th
  • June 10th
  • June 12th
  • June 17th (3 hr)
  • June 19th (3 hr)
  • June 26th


*Tournaments subject to change.

Program Options

  • Training Only - $350
  • One-Off Tournament - $300/each
  • Training + 2 tournaments - $850

Program Includes

Coaches Bio’s

  • Kelly Curran – Division 2 University of Southern New Hampshire, High School coach five years, 3d girls coach 3 years.
  • Kayleigh Dube – Division 2 University of Southern New Hampshire
  • Tom Bragg - 3d SoCal Director 
  • Eric Dance - 3d SoCal Manager

Contact Us

Thomas Butterfield-Bragg
Director, SoCal
[email protected]

Kelly Breihan
Coordinator, California
[email protected]