DIII Road Trip

DIII Road Trip

3d Lacrosse DIII Road Trip

The DIII Road Trip is an unprecedented and unique opportunity open to all 3d Select players. Each summer, all qualified, uncommitted 3d Select sophomores and juniors are invited to be a part of a road trip where players will have amazing, up-close and detailed visits led by college coaching staffs at several nationally recognized Division III college campuses in New England and New York. Players on the Road Trip will also attend at least one Prospect Day and have the opportunity to play in an intra-squad scrimmage or shoot-around in front of DIII coaching staffs. This Road Trip is exclusively for 3d Select players who are qualified academically (3.5 GPA, 1800 SAT, 27 ACT) and who are focused on high level DIII academic institutions with highly competitive lacrosse.

Some of the benefits of Division III lacrosse and what it offers:

  • High Level Competitive Lacrosse in DIII: Top DIII Programs – Tufts, RIT, Salisbury etc. recruit all caliber of players including recruiting Division I players away from Division I schools
  • Tremendous Academic Opportunities: Some of Best Colleges in the country are THE Top DIII Lacrosse Teams
  • Balance Athletic Career and College Life: Not 24-7-365 commitment to lacrosse as it can be with most DI programs (Every day of your life in college is not accounted for and pre-planned for you like in DI – you have the ability to do other things with your free time)
  • Study Abroad - Wide Array of Majors: No restrictions on majors or study abroad like many DI programs
  • Chance to play and compete early on: How important is playing time to you? Would you be happy to just be on the team? Do you want to train all year round and perhaps never see the field?
  • Better the Student, the More Merit Aid: Many schools offer tremendous Merit Aid packages for top students often times far exceeding what a DI program will offer in athletic money

Over the course of 7 days, players receive high caliber instruction and unrivaled exposure at the STX Rising DIII Showcase and then hit the road to visit some of the nation's most prestigious academic and athletic institutions. Through the road trip, players have the incredible opportunity to boost their chances at attending and playing at one of the country's best colleges and universities. The Road Trip is staffed by 3d Select head and assistant coaches, a road trip administrator and a full time certified athletic trainer.

We believe we can help our 3d Select players to use their lacrosse abilities to gain admission into the highest level college or university that otherwise may be out of reach to a player based on his academics alone. The schools that are a part of this road trip will allow just that. We look forward to hosting your player on the next DIII Road Trip!

For more information or questions, please contact:

Seth Jacoby
Director, DIII Recruiting & New England South
[email protected]