Recruiting Process

Have We Seen You?

The Rising Showcase Series talent search and recruiting process is a year round operation in the U.S. & Canada and we have members searching out talent in every region of the country. If you have questions regarding the recruiting process in your region, or you are a coach that would like to recommend players, please reach out to the following representatives:

Midwest / West, Rocco Romero Regional Manager [email protected]

Northeast, Tim Bigelow Regional Manager [email protected]

Mid-Atlantic, Drew Hays Regional Manager [email protected]

South, Bart Farinholt Regional Manager [email protected]

Almost every player invited to the Rising Showcase Series is selected through one of the following processes:

1. The first piece of finding the nation’s top players lies in our year round 3d programming. With offerings from coast to coast throughout the year, 3d coaches are constantly evaluating and looking for top players at all of our 3d camps, tournaments, and every other clinic or program in field and box lacrosse that we run. Additionally, 3d coaches are continuously coaching/attending non-3d tournaments and events, as well as regular season and playoff games, and search for talent in these arenas as well. 3d also adds Matt Rowley’s nationwide team of 3d Rising scouts & writers to the mix!

2. The second, and equally as important, source of top athletes in the U.S. & Canada is coaches’ recommendations. The Rising Showcase Series Recruiting Team is perpetually receiving recommendations from coaches, reaching out to trusted programs for nominations, and searching for new schools & clubs from which we can identify and recruit the best players in North America. To the coaches: our sincerest thanks for your help finding top players and giving them this opportunity. We couldn’t do it without your support.

3. Lastly, any athlete graduating in 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 or 2022 can apply to the Rising Showcase Series. The application will be sent to the corresponding Regional Manager, who will then reach out the club and/or school coach to discuss the applicant’s skill level, athleticism, and lacrosse IQ. We have literally hundreds of players attend each year after submitting an application.

Applications coming soon.