In-Camp Evaluation and Selction

Earn Your Spot

A National Evaluator in each grade will preside over player evaluations, working with Jamie Munro and all team coaches in that grade. By having the same National Evaluator focus on the same grade at both camps, Rising ensures that all players will be given equal consideration for an invitation to the Rising DI Showcase.

Players at Rising East and West will be evaluated on their performance throughout the weekend. This includes the training sessions, during which coaches and National Evaluators will see how players react to new situations, concepts, personnel, and instruction. As camp transitions to game play, players will be graded on their ability to implement the new concepts from the training sessions, in addition to their overall performance, athleticism, lacrosse IQ, effort, attitude, and coachability. Lastly, it should be noted that the Rising evaluation begins and ends at either camp – no previous or future recommendations, endorsements, statistics, records or other information will go into the considerations as Rising determines who has earned a spot at the Rising DI Showcase.

While all players will have equal opportunities to perform, the number of invitees will not necessarily be the same for each regional camp; regardless of regional numbers, Rising will invite the best players from the both camps combined. National Evaluators and team coaches have an evaluation process with multiple criteria, and will use the same system to evaluate and rank players across the country. Once both camps have concluded, the National Evaluators will work with Jamie, team coaches, and other 3d personnel to finalize the selections and invite players to the Rising DI Showcase accordingly.