More About 3d Box Lacrosse

More About 3d Box Lacrosse


What is box lacrosse?

Our staff at 3d Lacrosse has decades of collective experience coaching the box lacrosse game. 3d's coaches saw that Canadians were dominating at every level in college lacrosse and realized the answer was simple: teach field players box lacrosse. Box lacrosse is a 5-on-5, non-stop, fast-paced, high-touch and high-repetition game played inside of a hockey rink with boards and a 4-by-4-foot goal. When taught the correct way, players will experience tremendous skill development in the box which translates to the field as a leader, thinker, and skilled playmaker. It is simply the fastest engine of skill development in the sport.

Why box lacrosse?

Box lacrosse is the perfect environment in which players can grow their skills, game IQ, and confidence. Playing in a rink or "the box" means the ball is never out of bounds and it moves fluidly the entire time, with possessions usually exchanged rapidly. The small confines of playing in the box forces players to be creative in their play since you have limited space in which to operate. Playing in the box give players countless reps in practice, and the fast-paced, back-and-forth nature of box lacrosse gives players the opportuny to build their confidence as they become more comfortable handling the ball. Offensive players will learn individual skills such as deceptive shots using body and stick fakes and variety of releases. They will also learn team concepts such as the two-man pick-and-roll game. Defensive players will handle the ball as much as offensive players through box lacrosse training. Defenders will increase their stick skills, footwork, and communication skills that are necessary to be successful in the box and on the field.

Is box lacrosse for girls too?

Box lacrosse is proving to be beneficial not just for boys but for girls too. It teaches girls to embrace physical play often seen at higher levels of lacrosse. The box environment creates learning opportunities for girls unlike any on the field, including catching and finishing in tight spaces and playing defense in non-stop pressure situations. Box lacrosse has immeasurable benefits for girls players as they will learn to be creative and develop the ability to catch, pass, finish, and defend in ways that improve their field game.


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