3d Lacrosse Methodology - A Brief History

The 3d Methodology, born out of 3d Lacrosse’s proprietary Box-Field Hybrid™ Development System, is a cutting-edge, evolutionary approach to training and developing lacrosse players to help them achieve the highest level of skill and performance. A content-rich library featuring a wealth of written and video resources, the 3d Methodology Library grooms and trains coaches themselves to master the skills and drills that they then teach through a specifically designed training environment that holds both the coaches and players accountable for every step they take in a given session.

The 3d Methodology represents decades of cumulative coaching knowledge gleaned and learned from several hundred coaches ranging from the most experienced Canadian and Iroquois box lacrosse coaches to Hall of Fame college lacrosse coaches.

 Andrew Kirkaldy 3d Lacrosse


The Foundation

The 3d Methodology was created by 3d Lacrosse founder Jamie Munro. As the head coach at the University of Denver from 1998 to 2009, Jamie implemented box lacrosse tactics and strategy and introduced a practice environment that focused on box skill and drills. As time passed and he began coaching his own children at the youth level, he realized that the same skills possessed by Canadian box lacrosse players and the same tactics used in the box game could be taught to American players through a systematic approach. He began to document what he had learned over the years and what he would continue to learn from other coaches about skill development and teaching.


Jamie Munro 3d Lacrosse


Students of the Game

What began essentially as the notebook of one coach has since grown into the industry’s leading coaching “think tank” aimed at improving coaching knowledge and standards at all levels from coast to coast. 3d Lacrosse’s staff of coaches has studied the field and box game under experts, identifying best practices in both realms for player development. The 3d Methodology has been compiled to teach and train in both environments or a variation on them – such as “box on the field” or “field in the box” – with the goal of maximizing a player’s dynamic abilities, knowledge and their love of the game.


Melissa Rausch 3d Lacrosse


Innovating The Way the Coaches Coach

Powering the nation’s largest network of trained coaches, the 3d Methodology now represents the largest archive of ever-evolving, educational lacrosse information in the sport.

Engrained in 3d Lacrosse coaches through a staged certification process, the 3d Methodology arms coaches with endless unique teaching tools and a proven framework to guide players through carefully planned, age- and skill-appropriate stages of progression that will help players at any level develop greater skills and game sense and be better prepared to advance to the next stage.


Matt Palasek 3d Lacrosse


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