JV Game Schedule

JV Game Schedule

CBLL JV Game Schedule

Monday's starting the week of 1/7 at Foothills Fieldhouse

**We recommend wearing sneakers on both surfaces, but it is required that you wear sneakers on the sport court.


1. Valor
2. Arapahoe White
3. Arapahoe Black
4. Columbine
5. Evergreen
6. Mountain Vista
7. Thunder Ridge

Week 1 - January 7th

Turf   8-9pm          1v2        
SC     8-9pm          3v4        
Turf  9-10pm        1v7        
SC    9-10pm         5v6        

Week 2 - January 14th

Turf  8-9pm          4v5        
SC    8-9pm           2v3        
Turf 9-10pm         6v7        
SC    9-10pm         1v3        

Week 3 - January 21st

Turf 8-9pm          1v6        
SC   8-9pm           2v4        
Turf 9-10pm        3v5        
SC   9-10pm         2v7        

Week 4 - January 28th

Turf  8-9pm          3v6        
SC    8-9pm           4v7        
Turf 9-10pm         2v5        
SC   9-10pm          1v4        

Week 5 - February 4th

Turf   8-9pm          3v7        
SC     8-9pm           4v6        
Turf  9-10pm        1v5        
SC    9-10pm         2v6        

Week 6 - February 11th

Turf 8-9pm          5v7        

Week 7 - February 18th


**Seed's will be announced after Week 6 Games