Boys U10/U11 Game Schedule

Boys U10/U11 Game Schedule

CBLL U10/U11 Game Schedule
Thursday's starting on 1/10 at Foothills Fieldhouse

**We recommend wearing sneakers on both surfaces, but it is required that you wear sneakers on the sport court.

1. Vikings
2. Spartans 2027
3. Tommy Knockers

Week 1 - January 10th SC   6-7pm   1v2
Turf 7-8pm  2v3

Week 2 - January 17th SC 6-7pm   1v3
BYE- Team 2

Week 3 - January 24th SC   6-7pm   2v3
Turf 7-8pm  1v3

Week 4 - January 31st SC  6-7pm  1v2
BYE- Team 3

Week 5 - February 7th SC    6-7pm  1v2
Turf 7-8pm  1v3

Week 6 - February 14th SC   6-7pm   2v3
BYE- Team 1

Week 7 - February 21th Turf 6-7pm 1v3