The Bandits are dedicated to providing great experiences through lacrosse for players, coaches, and parents – both inside and outside of the organization. Our goal is to prepare our boys and girls to become better lacrosse players and people, deliver high quality training and teaching through a proven system, provide top-notch administration and organization, and finally make a positive impact on the larger Colorado lacrosse community.


  • Season Kickoff Camp for all teams 
  • Coaching the Coaches in the Box / Field Hybrid™ Development System
  • Pre-season Coaches' Clinic
  • Access to the 3d Lacrosse Methodology Library
  • 3d Master Coach Training session once per week for all players and coaches 
  • Access to 3d Master Coaches for X’s and O’s, game strategy, and best practices
  • Each player receives a sublimated jersey and shorts/skirt
  • Full time administrator dedicated to Bandits customers
  • Ten weeks of lacrosse teaching and training
  • Top lacrosse fields in the state
  • Goalie and Face off training included


  • U15 Born on or after 6-1-2002
  • U13 Born on or after 6-1-2004
  • U12 Born on or after 6-1-2005
  • U11 Born on or after 6-1-2006
  • U10 Born on or after 6-1-2007
  • U9 Born on or after 6-1-2008
  • U8 Born on or after 6-1-2009
  • U7 Born on or after 6-1-2010

Bandits Locations

If you are interested in the Bandits and are not near one of the locations below, don’t worry and don’t hesitate to reach out – we look forward to hearing from you!  

  • Highlands Ranch (Boys & Girls)
  • Lakewood (Boys)
  • Greenwood Village/Cherry Creek (Boys & Girls)
  • Fort Collins (Boys)


Results from the spring of 2016

  • CYLA Champions - U9 White Division - Coach Moscatelli
  • CYLA Champions - U12 Red Division - Coach O'Brien
  • CYLA Champions - U13 Red Division - Coach Brown
  • CYLA Champions - U15 Red Division - Coach Waldbaum

Results from the spring of 2015

  • CYLA Undefeated Champions – u10 Red Division – Coach Fulkerson
  • CYLA Undefeated Champions - U11 Red Division - Coach Bryan Austin
  • CYLA Champions – u12 Red Division – Coach Brown
  • CYLA Champions – u13 Red Division – Coach Croke
  • CYLA Champions - U15 White B Division- Coach Toby Austin
  • CYLA Champions – u15 RedDivision – Coach Bowler

3d Master Coaches

Chris Harren - Mountian Vista High School Head COach

Mike O'Neil - Mountain Vista High School Defensive Coordinator

Clark Woodard - Mullen High School Offensive Coordinator             

Ali Giovannone - Kent Denver School Head Coach