STX Rising Platform Evolving for 2018, Bringing High-Level Training and Exposure to Better Meet Needs of Changing Landscape, Including Girls Opportunities

STX Rising Platform Evolving for 2018, Bringing High-Level Training and Exposure to Better Meet Needs of Changing Landscape, Including Girls Opportunities

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DENVER — 3d Lacrosse is evolving its most popular training and development opportunities to meet the changing needs of more student-athletes and college coaches throughout the country.

Heading into 2018, 3d Lacrosse is making additions and subtractions to the STX Rising Showcase Series to create more valuable offerings for players and college coaches faced with a rapidly-morphing lacrosse recruiting landscape.

“We are always carefully looking at all of our offerings with an eye for what must be changed, improved and adapted to better meet our customers’ needs,” said Sean Fox, 3d Lacrosse’s Executive Vice President of Operations.

“We also recognize and respect the ever-changing situation for college coaches. We understand the rules they must follow and the challenges presented by their busy schedules. As we evolve our product offerings, we are keeping our key constituents in mind and exploring all the ways that we can better bring our outstanding training, events, showcases and other products directly to them.”

3d Lacrosse leadership points to the changing lacrosse ecosystem as a guiding force in evaluating what is best for student-athletes who wish to play college lacrosse.

As part of the evolution, the STX Rising East and West training camps — previously known as 3d Blue Chip — will no longer be held in the winter.

“These training camps, in their previous edition and then as STX Rising East and West, were without a doubt the most impactful training and development vehicle for recruitable-aged lacrosse players in the last decade,” said Matt Rowley, 3d Lacrosse’s National Club Director.

About 9,100 players traveled to Florida and Phoenix from 2011 to 2017 for 3d’s training camps, and more than 2,000 of those players went on to play college lacrosse. The six hours of training at the camps were followed by a series of competitive controlled games that, for hundreds of attendees, formed the basis of their first highlight reels and their first chance to compete in a team-based showcase setting.

“Over the course of years at these camps, we’ve helped a massive group of players improve their skills and put them on a path to get recruited. We are proud of this accomplishment and all of the players. At this point, however, the market has changed, and we will change with it. We have a chance to realign our training and exposure opportunities so the next generation of players can experience the impactful training that has made us who we are as a lacrosse company.”

Previously tied to the East and West camps, the 2018 STX Rising DI Event is moving to a full nomination and invite system, drawing from the company’s vast network of coaches throughout the country to carefully provide a premiere opportunity to players in the 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 graduating classes.

Last summer, the inaugural STX Rising DI Showcase was held in Delaware and drew more than 50 college coaches, including many of the top Division I programs. Nearly 350 boys players from across the continent took the field for two days of games after an opening training session led by 3d Master coaches and college coaches in attendance. Players were outfitted in gear provided by STX Lacrosse, 3d Lacrosse’s official gear partner.

“The first STX Rising DI Showcase was one of the best events 3d has ever put on, thanks to outstanding talent, top college coaches and awesome support from STX Lacrosse,” said Matt Rowley, 3d Lacrosse’s National Club Director.

“Part of the success was a strong feeder system. But we need to be sure the path to the STX Rising DI Showcase is clear and accessible to all of the best players in the country and to the best players in the 3d Lacrosse family.”

“At the same time, we have plans to reintroduce our training-first showcase platforms at times of the year that are more accommodating to the new recruiting calendar.”

An addition for the upcoming year, 3d Lacrosse has announced the STX Rising Girls Showcase – the platform’s first training and recruiting opportunity for female student-athletes.

The first STX Rising Girls Showcase will be held July 11 and 12 next summer in conjunction with the STX Rising DI Showcase for boys. The showcase is open to players in the 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 graduating classes and will feature training led by 3d Master coaches, college coaches and professional players from the United Women’s Lacrosse League.

“It’s exciting for us to finally introduce a premiere opportunity for girls after this model has been proven to have such an impact on the boys side of the sport,” said Kristan Ash, 3d Lacrosse’s National Girls Lacrosse Director and the General Manager of the UWLX.

“3d Lacrosse has set a high standard for giving players a training-first experience at recruiting events. Extending the opportunity for girls lacrosse players to get better and be seen by college coaches is a big step for 3d Lacrosse as we look to bring our offerings to girls throughout the country.”

Coaches nationwide are invited to nominate student-athletes whom they believe are on a path to playing the game at the collegiate level and would want to attend the STX Rising DI Showcase.

More information on the STX Rising DI Showcase can be found at

More details on the STX Rising Girls Showcase can be found at

Coaches are also invited to learn more about the increasingly popular STX Rising DIII Showcase and DIII Fall Showcase opportunities, which are quickly becoming the premiere recruiting event for Division III prospects and regularly draw upward of 50 of the leading Division III programs to the sidelines.

“The STX Rising Showcase series is a platform that really does feature an opportunity for just about every scholastic-age lacrosse player who wants to get better and be seen by college coaches,” said Greg Waldbaum, 3d Lacrosse’s CEO.

“We are committed to delivering an excellent experience through the STX Rising Showcase Series and each of its pillars. We have a world-class coaching and training staff, and we are positioning ourselves to make sure that we can bring our very best opportunities to young lacrosse players across the continent as we grow our network and continue to expand into new regions.”

“We will constantly evolve our company and products as time passes to meet the needs of our customers, the marketplace, and college coaches.”

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