Regy Thorpe Setting Pace for 3d Lacrosse As One of the Game's Foremost Coaches, Innovators and Thought Leaders

Regy Thorpe Setting Pace for 3d Lacrosse As One of the Game's Foremost Coaches, Innovators and Thought Leaders

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DENVER — Regy Thorpe wears many hats, but none is perhaps more influential than the role he fills with Colorado-based 3d Lacrosse.

Thorpe, a decorated coach at every level imaginable, joined the nation’s leading lacrosse training and development company in 2017, working out of Syracuse but traveling non-stop to 3d Lacrosse’s 15 different regions throughout the country.

Working with 3d’s network of coaches hands on in more than a dozen regions nationwide, Thorpe – who was tabbed the company’s Chief Lacrosse Officer last year – is sharing his knowledge and passion for the game that has been a part of his life for more than 40 years. That knowledge is then being passed down to the more than 2,500 3d Select players—both boys and girls—from coast to coast.

“I love this game and to have the chance to give back to it by working with so many coaches and players is certainly rewarding for me,” said Thorpe, who lives in Central New York, not far from Syracuse University where he played lacrosse in 1992 and 1993 after two years at Herkimer Community College, a small but storied NJCAA program.

With his professional playing days in the past, he’s now building one of the game’s most impressive coaching resumes—most recently, he was named the head coach of US Men’s Indoor Lacrosse Team, another bench to operate for the former standout.

But in his complex role with 3d Lacrosse, he’s able to work with and teach coaches of all ages, from all parts of the country, in the game’s most-cutting edge coaching system.

“It’s exciting for me because I get to observe and get to know all these great coaches all over the country,” Thorpe said.

“I think you’d be hard-pressed to find a more talented group of coaches teaching the game than the 3d Lacrosse network, and think what we’re doing with the 3d Methodology, especially on the girls’ side, could help revolutionize the game.”

Unquestionably 3d Lacrosse’s most experienced veteran coach, he also has years of experiencing coaching the box game with programs like the Six Nations Arrows Junior A team and the Iroquois Nationals men’s squads.

After college, Thorpe went on to play 15 seasons of professional box lacrosse in the National Lacrosse League—all of them with the Rochester Knighthawks—and, from 2008 to 2009, became the league’s first general manager/player with duties both on and off the floor.

He spent six seasons with the Rochester Rattlers of Major League Lacrosse before becoming an assistant coach with the organization, and, later, head coach of the Hamilton Nationals.

Since 2010, Thorpe has been a women’s lacrosse coach at Syracuse University, working alongside head coach Gary Gait as an assistant for five years before being named Associate Head Coach in 2015.

In 2017, Thorpe was brought on to guide the ongoing think-tank project that is the 3d Methodology. 3d Lacrosse’s coaching paradigm that has been built on years of collective coaching knowledge, the “rubric” is being advanced by Regy’s injection of high-level coaching strategies and tactics.

“From the simple Xs and Os concepts to complicated offensive and defensive schemes, from managing player lineups to running bench substitutions, Regy just sees things from a higher level,” said Logan Bobzien, 3d Lacrosse’s Director of Training and Methodology.

Bobzien has put four years into building the video and written components that make up the 3d Methodology’s resources for coaches and players. He sees the 3d Methodology as paving the way for the next generation of players and mixture all of the different styles of lacrosse—field, box and women’s.

He said Thorpe is the perfect person to spearhead that effort on the field and in the classroom thanks to his diverse lacrosse background.

“What Regy has brought to us is an ability to blend the games together and share best practices across all of them and get buy in across all our coaches—men and women—and to see the game not as ‘guys’ lacrosse’ or ‘girls’ lacrosse’ or ‘field’ or ‘box’ but simply ‘lacrosse.’ His ability to overlap throughout his career shows that. That’s what he’s all about.”

Much of what 3d Lacrosse has done to innovate within the game itself, Bobzien says, has come from the nuanced insights provided by the most experienced coaches.

“Regy also just brings a lot of common sense to coaching and that’s helping us think sensibly about how to convey information to coaches and players in a way that lends itself to positive player development and our goal of creating the ultimate learning environment,” said Bobzien, the head coach at Arapahoe High School outside of Denver. “Regy’s experienced so much as a player and a coach, that experience is being passed down and benefiting us across the board.”

Matt Rowley, 3d Lacrosse’s National Club Director, works with all of the 3d Lacrosse coaches throughout the country to create the best experience possible for and provide opportunities to 3d Select players. He has been instrumental helping Thorpe form relationships with the many coaches working in different regions and with different age groups.

Rowley believes those relationships are quickly paying dividends for coaches and players alike.

“Regy is one of the most unique minds in the game given his experience as a box coach, a girls coach, coaching at the international level and coaching both field and box at the professional level,” said Rowley, who is the head coach at the Noble & Greenough School outside of Boston.

“Regy just brings so much knowledge to our coaches. But he’s also just a great guy to be around and that makes him an even better teacher of our coaches. And in that regard he’s helping us build on our culture of teaching and learning.”

Thorpe’s multi-dimensional talents as a coach are proving even more important to 3d Lacrosse at a time when the company is working diligently to grow its presence in the women’s game. That effort was highlighted in 2017 when 3d Lacrosse took over operations of the United Women’s Lacrosse League, also known as UWLX.

Thorpe was named the head coach of the Long Island Sound in 2017 and later guided the team to its second consecutive UWLX championship in the second year of the league.

As 3d Lacrosse has worked to simultaneously grow the UWLX and expand its girls programming, a central focus has been to create opportunities for UWLX athletes who wish to coach and mentor upcoming youth and high school-age players. Forming a key tandem in that effort, Thorpe has worked closely with Kristan Ash, who doubles as the General Manager of the UWLX and the National Girls Lacrosse Director for 3d.

Thorpe and Ash have teamed up to help the UWLX cement itself as the leading women’s lacrosse league, but also have worked to enhance 3d Lacrosse’s training for coaches and players alike, including growing offerings like the popular Fall Freshman Training Combine—a program built around the 3d Methodology and led by college coaches and UWLX players.

“What we’re trying to do with the 3d Methodology and applying box lacrosse concepts to girls lacrosse is really going to reshape how girls is taught and played,” said Ash, who coaches at Riverside High School in Virginia.

Thorpe, who has helped turn Syracuse University into one of the nation’s top women’s programs, is providing important guidance within the 3d ranks thanks to his years of experience at the college level.

“Regy has been so important because of his leadership and his passion for the game,” said Ash, who coaches in the 3d Virginia region and leads many of 3d Lacrosse’s initiatives for female student-athletes.

“He’s a great teacher and has helped us really understand how box lacrosse and box training can have major impacts on girl’s development as players. He’s helping our coaches understand how to teach those ideas and concepts to our players, and we’re already seeing the impact in our players’ advancement.”

As the newly appointed head coach of the US Men’s Indoor Lacrosse Team, Thorpe fills an additional role that allows him to work with many of the top American players in the game today.

“It just seems to fit Regy perfectly,” says Bobzien, who is working with Thorpe and the American team to capture video and break down film. “He can just dissect the game and point out what needs to be done to either attack or defend any given scenario.”

For Thorpe, who has raised two children who went on to play lacrosse – Ella, a Syracuse graduate, and Gale, a US Men’s Indoor roster member who played at Ohio State – it’s all part of balancing the many roles he’s filling as one of the game’s leading coaches and innovators.

“You do what you love and it won’t feel like work,” he said. “The game’s given me so much, it’s just my obligation to give back to it. It makes going to work a lot easier and I feel fortunate and privileged.”

To Greg Waldbaum, 3d Lacrosse’s CEO and Co-Founder, Thorpe and his multi-faceted coaching abilities embody the company’s mission to create new opportunities in the sport and to help student-athletes of all skill levels rapidly advance their skills while developing a life-long appreciation for the game.

“3d Lacrosse and its coaches teach, train and show players a way of playing they never knew possible,” Waldbaum said.

“Regy has been involved in so many ways in this game, and with his network and his ability to work with coaches, we’re positively impacting more coaches and players through him and making a massive impact on the game.”

“Even more importantly,” said Waldbaum, “Regy is one of the most genuine, kind hearted and hard working individuals I have ever worked with in almost three decades of running my own companies and we are truly blessed to have him at the executive level helping steer the ship that is 3d Lacrosse.”

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