Division III National Director Seth Jacoby Set to Speak in Colorado

Division III National Director Seth Jacoby Set to Speak in Colorado

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3d Lacrosse’s very own Seth Jacoby is coming to Colorado to speak about opportunities to play NCAA lacrosse in Division II and III. These opportunities are widely known on the East Coast but is unfamiliar to most Colorado lacrosse high school athletes. Seth will be giving attendee’s an overview of Division II/III Lacrosse and why it is a great academic opportunity for Colorado players. Further he will be discussing academic scholarship, financial aid, and what to look for when speaking to and researching these great institutions. This talk is open to ALL 2016 players who reside in Colorado. 

3d Lacrosse hopes that 2016 players and parents take advantage of this incredible educational opportunity to learn more about schools and lacrosse at this level. This is a free presentation for anyone interested.

Seth will be speaking from 4:00 – 5:00 PM Sunday, May 3rd, 2015 in the 3d Lacrosse office. Our office is located at 1301 S Jason St, Unit K which is on the west side of the building.

Please RSVP with Chris Accolla (caccolla@3dlacrosse.com) and see below for an article on Coach Jacoby.

Plenty of Fish in the D3 Sea

For many lacrosse players, searching for the right college program is akin to pre-Internet style dating. The potential pool of matches was once limited to what you might find close to home or through social connections. Flash forward to 2015 where the NCAA Division I men’s lacrosse includes 68 programs while an astounding 224 schools are engaged in Division III lacrosse – 48 of which launched in the last five years.

But while the demand for highly-skilled players has increased quickly at the DIII level, fewer families are familiar with the available opportunities. The rapid growth of Division III schools calls for a special kind of matchmaker and towards this goal, 3d Lacrosse has added Seth Jacoby to the team. Jacoby, a former assistant men’s lacrosse coach at Wesleyan University, will serve as National Director of Division III Lacrosse. In this role, Seth will help connect 3d Lacrosse players with programs that offer the combination of academic excellence and solid lacrosse competition found throughout the DIII category.

At Wesleyan, Jacoby coached five All-Americans while also serving as a youth lacrosse coach and evaluator at camps and clinics nationwide. Previously, as a high school lacrosse and football coach in Glastonbury, Conn., Jacoby guided families through the often confusing recruiting process. In Seth’s own athletic career he played linebacker at Dartmouth College and later served as a player/coach for the Marseille Phoceens football team in France, where he helped lead his team to the French National Division Championship with a 15-0 record.

3d Lacrosse CEO Jamie Munro believes that, “We can find a lacrosse home for every motivated player. The recruiting process unfolds differently for each individual and Seth is here to facilitate stronger connections to Division III lacrosse where so many amazing opportunities exist.” 

Why DIII? For many reasons, Jacoby believes that Division III lacrosse is an ideal match for more players than ever before.

“First, there are huge numbers of Division III schools that many families simply aren’t aware of and there is so much growth within the Division,” Seth states. “Based on various recruiting estimates, there are slots at DIII schools for perhaps 2,500 players annually. Families might be interested in contrasting this larger total with the less than 700 open positions through Division I schools. And women’s DIII program growth has been equally impressive.”

Jacoby plans to introduce as many families as possible to the combined academic and athletic advantages that DIII schools provide. “Frankly,” Jacoby notes, “the academic excellence of DIII schools makes a good recruiting opportunity even better.”

Where DI has Duke, Colgate and the Ivy League schools, DIII includes academic powerhouses such as Tufts, Williams, Haverford and more.

Jacoby added that his primary goal is to use a player’s strong lacrosse ability to gain admission into the best academic institution available, while still enjoying the ‘right fit’ lacrosse-wise.

“And in certain cases,” Jacoby asserts, “The top DIII programs offer a level of lacrosse competition that may be equal to some DI institutions. We are seeing players who might have considered DI programs but have opted for DIII instead. With more athletic slots available at all Division levels, players’ options have multiplied.”

Available Assistance In contrast to Division I programs, Division III schools do not offer athletic scholarships. However, they are extremely adept at combining academic and financial aid packages for students interested in playing sports and they actively recruit student-athletes to the best of their budgetary abilities.

“Without scholarships in place, the recruiting process can be a bit longer, which is one of the many reasons I’m thrilled to join 3d Lacrosse,” says Jacoby. “But once the correct athletic and academic matches are established, both schools and players reap the benefits.”

The Calendar Factor Jacoby also points out that the skill level at DIII schools is actually enhanced by the ever-advancing recruiting calendar. With more DI schools recruiting players as early as their freshman year of high school, some families simply aren’t prepared to make a choice so early. Other players may need additional high school and club experience to continue to mature while also benefiting from a longer exposure period during the evaluation and recruitment process.

“DI recruitment of high school freshmen can be exciting but also very exclusive,” Seth points out. “This is especially true for young men, many of whom haven’t grown to their full height and weight until well after age 15. And for both genders, it may be shortsighted to judge a young player’s lacrosse IQ so early, especially when there is still so much time to learn and develop the finer points of the game. As DI schools sometimes miss out on later maturing players, the overall caliber of play in the DIII level has risen significantly.”

Expanding Geography Jacoby’s role at 3d Lacrosse will also take him across the country to introduce Division III options to California players and those in rapidly growing, non-traditional markets including the newest 3d Lacrosse families located in Oregon, Arizona, Texas, and beyond.

“In the past, western players and those in non-traditional markets were forced to travel to the East coast,” states Seth. “Largely, this trend continues for now, but 3d Lacrosse, through events like California Gold and others, is making huge inroads. We will be identifying 3d’s best DIII prospects while we look to get as much as exposure as possible for every player. More immediately, we will be facilitating heightened communications between 3d’s western coaches and DIII coaches.”

Jacoby acknowledges that travel budgets for Division III coaches lag behind the better-recognized Division I schools. This is among the many reasons that personnel at all division levels are invited to serve as coaches and evaluators at 3d Lacrosse events, tournaments and clinics throughout the country. 3d Lacrosse hopes to provide an environment where coaches can observe and form relationships with participating players they may not otherwise have the opportunity to meet.

360° Education Seth is also prepared to explain in-depth the details of 3d Lacrosse’s Box/Hybrid instructional methodology to newer-program DIII coaches who may be less familiar with the company and its unique player development system that includes skills, leadership and overall character.

Jacoby noted, “As well-recognized as 3d Lacrosse is nationwide, DIII coaches may not be as familiar with our instructional paradigm. I hope to share our methodology and the importance of strong fundamentals and high lacrosse IQ as we make connections for our players.”

An Original View Greg Waldbaum, President and COO of 3d Lacrosse said that to the best of his knowledge, no other select teams, events or lacrosse training companies include staff members dedicated to boosting Division III recruiting opportunities.

“Simply stated, we are committed to getting our 3d players committed,” said Greg. “In hiring Seth, we are adding support to help our families explore every recruiting avenue available.”
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