Annual 3d Coaching Summit Draws More than 50 Coaches to Denver

Annual 3d Coaching Summit Draws More than 50 Coaches to Denver

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Vermont head coach Chris Feifs presenting on team and individual defense at the annual 3d Coaching Summit. (Photo: 3d Staff)

DENVER — More than 50 high school coaches gathered this week in the Mile High City for 3d Lacrosse’s annual Coaching Summit, a day-long event built around sharing knowledge of the game and innovative best practices for coaching.

Some of the brightest coaching minds in the sport headlined the Coaching Summit, which was free to all attendees and took place Thursday Oct. 27. Held at the company’s headquarters, 3d Lacrosse’s Director of Methodology Logan Bobzien kicked off the day with an introduction before the start of workshop-style presentations that ran until the early evening.

“Our Coaching Summit is all about bringing together coaches who want to get better at how they actually coach and teach the game of lacrosse,” said Bobzien, who is charged with evolving the 3d Methodology.

“These presentations and the conversations coming out of them are intended to get lacrosse coaches thinking in completely new ways about how they teach skill and team concepts.”

The 3d Methodology, culled from 3d’s proprietary Box-Field Hybrid Development System, is a cutting-edge, evolutionary approach to training and developing lacrosse players to help them achieve the highest level of skill and performance.

The Coaching Summit, Bobzien said, is an extension of the 3d Methodology and the mission to keep bringing new ideas and perspectives to the game, and to disseminate that information.

“The Summit is something we started as a way to refresh the conversation each year about how we can improve as coaches and in turn improve the level of play at the youth level and see it carry up,” Bobzien said.

“Our attendees this year were treated to a world-class group of presenters who’ve become household names in the sport, and the feedback we received already tells us the coaches left with a ton of valuable information.”

The Summit kicked off with a presentation by Chris Feifs, a former assistant coach at University of North Carolina who this year was named the head coach at the University of Vermont. The coach of the North Carolina defense on the Tar Heels’ run to the national title in 2016, Feifs used video highlights to drill down into his approach to teaching defensive fundamentals at the individual level and then his philosophy and strategies for coaching team defensive schemes.

Canadian box and field lacrosse legend John Grant Jr., currently the head coach at Valor Christian outside of Denver, gave the second presentation of the day – an in-depth, personal shooting demonstration performed at 3d Lacrosse’s “Thunder Dome” turf indoor facility.

One of the most talented stick-handlers to ever play the game, Grant shared insight into coaching players to understand their own strengths and weaknesses as shooters and discussed at length the nuances of box lacrosse shooting technique and how those translate to success in field lacrosse.

“To hear some of the most successful players and coaches talk honestly and openly about how to really teach the most important parts of the games – the most difficult aspects to coach – is a game-changer for someone who wants to learn more about the game,” said Jamie Munro, 3d Lacrosse’s Founder and Chief Innovation Officer.

Munro gave the third presentation of the day, which focused on specific skills coaches should be developing in their players. He titled the presentation “The Seven Deadly Skills” and local 3d Lacrosse coaches and alumni were on the turf to demonstrate each component of the discussion.

Dave Huntley, the current head coach of the Atlanta Blaze and the director of Team Canada’s men’s lacrosse program, closed out the day with a presentation on developing team and individual offense. Huntley also used live demonstrations to illustrate his teaching points.

Huntley began his talk by encouraging coaches to push players to find their “why moment” and stressed the importance of being a leader as a coach.

Stephen Flannery, the Director of the Stapleton Jets Lacrosse Club in Colorado, was one of the coaches who attended the event. He said he found 3d’s Coaching Summit to be a beneficial learning environment where coaches could interact.

“What I love about the lacrosse community is the access to players and coaches at all levels and their willingness to share teaching methods and ideas to improve the quality of practice and game play, as well as engage in conversation on ways to grow the game at all levels,” Flannery said.

“After a day of listening to some of the game’s great coaches and players, and watching live demonstrations, I walked away with an even greater appreciation for the lacrosse community at large, not to mention many awesome new drill ideas, effective terminology, teaching methods and planning tools for both individual practices and compete seasons. I’m excited to bring all of these tools back to my team and program to improve the way we work and make the game more fun.”

Bobzien – crediting Munro for creating the 3d Lacrosse culture of celebrating innovation, knowledge sharing and relationship building – said his goal is to continue to grow and enhance the Coaching Summit, connect more coaches and spread more knowledge on coaching strategy and tactics.

“We want to keep building on this event, which was free to any coach who wanted to attend,” Bobzien said. “And we want to continue to use the Summit to continue to drive conversation, improve the game of lacrosse and grow it.”

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