3d's LC Platform Bringing High Level Lacrosse Training to New and Developing Players

3d's LC Platform Bringing High Level Lacrosse Training to New and Developing Players

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LC-Atlanta-Logo 915 515.jpg

ATLANTA — 3d Lacrosse’s “LC” offering is helping grow the game and bring high-level training and instruction to players in regions that might otherwise have no opportunities to learn the sport of lacrosse.

The 3d LC platform – short for “lacrosse club” – is a way to bring high-level training to developing players or those new to the game in growing lacrosse hotbeds around the country. It was initiated by 3d Lacrosse as a way to give players with a limited amount of experience or who are new to the game an entry into the sport, but with the emphasis on skill development and IQ.

The trail of LCs founded by 3d Lacrosse tends to mirror the growing reach of the game, and in many ways is helping drive it.

In Georgia, the Greater Atlanta lacrosse boom has led to a great enough demand to spawn a new 3d LC offering for 2017 – LC Atlanta.

LC Atlanta, which holds tryouts the weekend of December 3 and 4, is designed to allow players in the Atlanta area to engage in 3d’s wide-ranging offering of skill-development drills, small-sided games, box lacrosse training and other elements drawn from the 3d Methodology.

“The 3d LC platform is really a great a way for lacrosse players of any skill level to get world class training and get exposure to excellent lacrosse instruction without necessarily being on one of our Select squads,” said Bob Hamley, the Director of 3d Georgia who also oversees LC Atlanta.

This year, LC Atlanta will offer teams for the 2024 class group all the way up to the 2019 group, which creates a valuable opportunity for players who are looking to enhance their skills with a limited amount of time commitment.

“Our LC program allows young players and developing players to experience a great deal of what 3d Lacrosse offers, but without as intense of a commitment and without any pressure to necessarily travel or attend tournaments,” said Hamley, who coached in the National Lacrosse League for 12 years and also had a long and successful career playing and coaching box lacrosse in Canada.

“LC players receive important doses of training in the 3d Methodology and work with experienced coaches. We are confident that we can help players develop their skills rapidly.”

Hamley said he’s excited that LC Atlanta can offer roster spots to so many players looking to jump into the game. Able to meet the demand of the exploding lacrosse scene in Atlanta, and to do so with a proven training system as the underlying structure, LC Atlanta is helping fuel that growth.

“It’s huge that we can help put organized teams together for this many players and to have players mixed into their peers appropriately based on experience, skill and pace of development,” Hamley said. “It helps the game here in Georgia grow in the right way and most importantly it gives all these players a system to train in and get better while learning to enjoy the game.”

LC Atlanta’s upcoming tryouts are just one of several for 3d’s growing crop of LC programs around the country. 3d Lacrosse has currently launched successful LCs in other regions, including LC Rhode Island and LC Palomar (Calif.) and more.

3d’s LC Mountain program, based in Vermont, is an example of how quickly the LC model can help bring the game of lacrosse and high-level training to new players and enhance the quality of play in a particular region. This year, LC Moutain will field two teams – a 2021/2022 squad and a 2023/2024 squad.

In the areas of Woodstock, Vermont, and Meriden, New Hampshire, lacrosse is a natural match for a sports culture rich in hockey, skiing and other winter sports. But in a somewhat remote area of New England, lacrosse is still just a fledgling sport.

David Willis, the varsity coach of the Killington Mountain School’s startup program in Vermont, is spearheading the LC Mountain program with the goal of introducing the sport to more athletes and helping give players a valuable opportunity to learn the game at a high level upon introduction.

LC Mountain kicked off in the winter of 2015, fielding teams in the summer and fall of 2016. Many of the players are multi-sport athletes – skiers, snowboarders, hockey players, soccer players. Some are student-athletes who’ve wanted to pursue the sport for some time and might otherwise have to leave the area to play on a club or travel team.

Willis, who played at Hobart College and has been working to grow the game in the area, said he has already seen the impact on local players in just in a year’s time, including at his varsity program and in area schools attended by LC Mountain players.

“What we are doing here is raising the level of play – lacrosse IQ in the area has increased immensely,” Willis said.

“The big discrepancy in lacrosse is where you have some players in a region like this who might know the game, but most who don’t. When there’s a huge talent discrepancy, kids will try to do everything themselves. And so one player can tend to take the ball and go to the goal every time. So practices are a significantly better experience across the board, especially for those kids who might not be the best. Everyone is held accountable for playing team lacrosse and running the system the proper way. It allows everyone to develop their skill and an understanding of the game.”

Scheduling training sessions in different locations on a rotating basis, LC Mountain can draw players from a wider radius and keep driving distances for practices to a minimum. It has produced a new community of lacrosse, Willis said. And it’s the identity developed by his LC Mountain players, he believes, that is a big part of the value, as players have bonded in pursuit of getting better together.

“This has made them feel like they’re a part of their local club, and that is critical. These guys follow everything 3d and the 3d teams are doing on social media and they want to train harder and there is a snowball effect there.”

Traveling to the Boston area to join 3d New England for several practices in the previous year, Willis said that the LC platform delivers tremendous value by connecting players to all that 3d has to offer.

“It’s been crucial for us to be able to tap into the 3d New England staff and help our kids gain so much knowledge through these great coaches,” Willis said. “Our kids realize they are a part of something pretty big and we’re excited to get more kids playing the game.”

To learn more about the 3d LC platform, visit 3dLacrosse.com and click “Find Your Market.” Get more info on the upcoming LC Atlanta tryouts here