3d Spring Break Helping Scholastic Programs Nationwide Prepare, Get the Most Out of Their Seasons

3d Spring Break Helping Scholastic Programs Nationwide Prepare, Get the Most Out of Their Seasons

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3d Spring Break 915x515.jpg

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — 3d Spring Break is helping prep school and high school programs across the country get the most out of their spring season thanks to a unique team spring training offering held down on the Florida Gulf Coast.

Now in its ninth year, the 3d Spring Break offering is a one of-its-kind opportunity for teams to streamline their spring travel and training plans and to allow coaches and players the chance to focus on their development while enjoying time on the beach and bonding as teammates.

3d Lacrosse – a leader in lacrosse events and tournaments – has leaned on its expertise in logistics and event management to help teams have the best experience possible.

“This is the ideal scenario for kicking off your season,” said Mike Bartlett, 3d Lacrosse’s Director of Events.

“These teams are able to get a great deal out of their week by letting 3d handle the administrative support, field and practice planning, game and scrimmage scheduling, catering and assigning officials and all the things most coaching staffs might not account for heading into a spring break trip.”

Expediting and managing the most time-consuming aspects of travel, 3d Spring Break brings together a group of teams to offer them four hours of practice each day on world-class fields at the Premiere Sports Campus in Bradenton, Florida, and nightly scrimmages at local fields in nearby St. Petersburg.

With teams all staying on St. Pete Beach and training in one location, engaging in joint practices and scrimmages on the fly is simple and part of what makes the week so convenient.

“We are seeing more and more scholastic teams that want to travel as a group to a warm-weather location where they can really focus on training and development for a week,” Bartlett said.

At 3d Spring Break, teams have the opportunity to train in the box – the 3d Events team sets up an outdoor box and provides box instruction upon request. And there’s a variety of small-group instruction and training options available as well.

Lunch is catered each day on the fields under tent cover at the Premiere Sports Campus, giving the members of participating teams the chance to meet and interact with their peers.

Later, back at the Postcard Inn On The Beach in St. Petersburg, teams typically hit the beach for relaxation and nightly 3-on-3 games before enjoying dinner, with catering organized by 3d Events staff.

“We’re creating a premium experience for these teams so that they’re able to enjoy every day and as much time together as a team as possible,” Bartlett said. “Every year, we’re thinking of new ways to cater to the teams and provide them with more valuable experiences along the way.”

David Bruce, the head coach at the Brunswick School in Connecticut, has been bringing the Bruins – a team of about 40 players – to 3d Spring Break since the program’s infancy.

“For us, we were looking for a spring break that had a beach feel but also great facilities to play at,” said Bruce, whose team is considered among the nation’s very best scholastic programs each season.

“It was important for us to get the work done that we need to as a team, but also have that down time where kids could enjoy their spring break.”

Scrimmages, Bruce said, are an invaluable aspect of the preseason for the Bruins. This year, Brunswick got to lock horns with several of the participating teams at 3d Spring Break. They also added a scrimmage with the Everest Academy out of Ontario, a team passing through the area that was looking for a scrimmage on short notice.

“We are using this week to prepare for actual games,” Bruce said. “Down here we get to play teams like the Everest Academy, West Lynn (Oregon), Kent Denver (Colorado) has been a traditional game for us. … It’s important for us to scrimmage a couple of teams to see if we can do things like ride correctly, or make the little plays and keep our mental mistakes down.”

Each spring, scholastic teams passing through the area reach out to the 3d Events staff to inquire about scheduling a scrimmage or actual game with one of the 3d Spring Break teams on short notice.

“Because we have so many fields and competitive teams to work with, we usually try to accommodate those requests and that’s a good example of why this setup works so well for the teams that might have interest in schedule adjustments on the fly,” Bartlett said.

Justin Simon, the head coach at the New Hampton School in New Hampshire, has brought his team to 3d Spring Break for seven years running. The Huskies traveled down to Florida a day early this year and were able to squeeze in an extra practice thanks to the 3d Staff’s flexibility.

Standing in the sun enjoying a breeze at Premiere Sports Campus, Simon was quick to joke about the below-zero temperatures back home.

“It’s an opportunity to bring our team down here and see green grass, play incredible opponents, different teams that we don’t naturally get to play during the season,” Simon said.

“It’s an opportunity for our guys to bond before our season starts.”

The team building and preseason development, Simon said, has been crucial to his program’s trajectory in the last few years – the Huskies, competing in the Lakes Region of New England, are riding back-to-back undefeated seasons.

“It’s been an instrumental part of our success the last several years to get down here and play at these beautiful facilities,” Simon said.

“Being able to get down here and get through what we need to hit the ground running in a week is huge. We get so much done down here. Really it’s been the key to our success having our guys ready to go day one when we get back to campus.”

Beginning the travel-planning process with the 3d Events team in the fall, Simon said his staff’s experience was “top notch all the way around.”

“From a head coach’s standpoint, the little things go a long way. We don’t have to deal with transportation, driving our guys to and from the fields, being able to switch schedules on the fly and have practices – it’s seamless. That’s big when we don’t have to worry about those things. 3d has been incredible with all the logistics from the start of the process in October to day one down here.”

Looking forward to 2019, the 3d Events staff has expectations of growing 3d Spring Break to provide an unforgettable experience for more scholastic teams looking to maximize their week together and help them get their seasons off on the right foot.

“This has become one of 3d Lacrosse’s most impactful offerings and we hope more programs will make the trip,” Bartlett said.

“We’re already working to make 2019 even better and already have teams committed to attend, so we’re looking forward to keeping the tradition going next year.”

For more information on 3d Spring Break, visit 3dlacrosse.com/tournaments/spring-break. Anyone with questions or wishing to learn more about the 3d Spring Break is encouraged to contact Mike Bartlett at [email protected]

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