3d New England Hosts Third Annual Pomfret Bash To Kick Off Summer Circuit

3d New England Hosts Third Annual Pomfret Bash To Kick Off Summer Circuit

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Pomfret Bash 915x515.jpg
Pomfret Bash 915x515.jpg

POMFRET, Conn. — 3d New England, the Boston-based division of 3d Lacrosse, held its third annual Pomfret Bash Monday at the Pomfret School, bringing together a collection of Northeastern lacrosse clubs to kick off the summer.

Competing in front of a group of 30 coaches representing prep schools, teams from 3d New England, 3d New England South, 3d Tri-State, Fighting Clams and Harlem Lacrosse went head-to-head throughout the day as a crowd of family members and coaches watched.

“We think this day of competition is a crucial kick off to our summer,” said Matt Rowley, 3d Lacrosse’s National Club Director and the Director of 3d New England.

“There’s a great concentration of talent in 3d’s New England, New England South and Tri-State regions. And this is a great way to bring them together after they’ve been training for several days and get them on the field with a lot of talented players and in front of a collection of college coaches.”

The Pomfret Bash served as a cap off to multi-day training sessions for New England and 3d Tri-State. Those programs engaged in intense, hybrid training to get themselves into a rhythm in advance of the Pomfret Bash and will look to carry that momentum onto the summer club circuit.

Teams competing at the Pomfret Bash competed not only on the field, but also played at least one box lacrosse game in the Jahn Ice Rink as part of a rapid-fire afternoon of action.

The event, which is free for the competing teams, is now in its third year. This spring’s edition of the Pomfret Bash saw the addition of vendors and even a food truck to appease appetites of athletes, families and coaches who traveled to the event from the New England and Tri-State regions.

“The idea here is that after training so hard for the last few days, these guys get to come here and try to put it all together in a couple different settings, at full speed, at full intensity, in front of college coaches,” Rowley said. “It gets them ready to head out into the summer with the dust already brushed off and a bit of an advantage in how the teams understand one another.”

In addition to college programs, including Ivy League schools, the Pomfret Bash draws a number of high profile New England prep school coaches to the sidelines.

“We get college coaches here conversing with all of the top prep school programs and it becomes a great day of networking as well, Rowley said. “We owe thanks to the Pomfret School and to head coach John Sheehan for helping us make this event better each year and allowing us to use these terrific facilities.”

Another benefit to the day, student-athletes from 3d Tri-State joined forced with members of 3d New England South and Harlem Lacrosse to get additional reps on the field in preparation for the long summer ahead.

“This is a great chance for us to get together with other 3d teams, players and coaches in this region and really scrap it up to get an early start to the year,” said 3d Tri-State Director Casey Martin.

“After training together, this serves as a great test and prep for the summer, especially with the reps in the box and the high level of competition thanks to our 3d peers and our partner clubs.”

The Fighting Clams competed at the Pomfret Bash for the second consecutive season. Rowley extended thanks to the Clams, as well as applauding Harlem Lacrosse for its participation, pointing out that the high level of competition marks yet another important step in the progression for Harlem layers.

“Anything like this that 3d Lacrosse can do to include Harlem teams is going to help the players on the individual level and will also be a boost organizationally,” he said. “We support Harlem all the way and include the 3d-powered Harlem teams at events like this just like we would 3d teams nationwide.”

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