3d Lacrosse Unveils New Regional Logo System For Consistent Branding

3d Lacrosse Unveils New Regional Logo System For Consistent Branding

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2017 Logos Horizontal-3.jpg
2017 Logos Horizontal-3.jpg

DENVER — 3d Lacrosse, the nation’s leading provider of lacrosse services, has unveiled a new logo system for the company’s thirteen different regional markets across the country.

“Everyone loves a new logo, especially in the lacrosse world,” said 3d Lacrosse CEO Greg Waldbaum.

“Design is part of the lacrosse world’s DNA. Every program, team and event calls for a sharp, eye-catching logo that embodies personality and culture of the people and regions where lacrosse is thriving and growing. 3d Lacrosse coaches and players take a great deal of pride in the gear and apparel they wear with our national and regional logos.”

3d Lacrosse Director of Marketing Brooke Farrell and his team led the redesign of 3d Lacrosse’s regional logos after a great deal of feedback collected from coaches, players, parents and 3d Lacrosse partners.

Over the course of six years, 3d Marketing has been responsible for directing the creation of logos and branding for a long list of programming and events, including regional 3d Select logos and events logos like the Denver Shootout and the FLG in 3d Summer and Fall Shootout tournaments.

“We always spent time trying to understand the intent of each individual product and the personality behind the product to help create a unique look and feel to match,” Farrell said. “The goal was always to be able to speak to what separated one certain program from another in the marketplace. I can’t say we didn’t succeed. Our logos all stood on their own just fine, but as a family they had some differences that created some challenges in some applications.”

Last year, leaning on a massive amount of customer feedback and analytics, 3d Marketing began to integrate a more customer-centric approach to branding.

“We really wanted to dial in on our customers’ understanding. In response, we’ve hit the reset on all our regional logos with the main goal of creating an integrated branding experience that aligns to the same consistent integrated training experience our customers get across our programming. As many who participate in a sports setting understand, a team is way more powerful than the sum of its parts and that could not be any truer in our case.”

Over the coming months, 3d Lacrosse will be rolling out a new family of logos for the majority of its products. The first wave will feature a new look to each of the 3d Lacrosse regional markets from coast to coast most commonly associated with 3d Select teams and programming.

The 3d Marketing team was clear in what it wanted to accomplish with the redesign of the logos at the market level:

  • Standardize the look and feel across all markets
  • Assure 3d Lacrosse has consistent placement in all market logos
  • Prominently feature the market icon by preserving the classic market icon or, in some cases, creating a new icon if the current art was outdated

Leading into what will be the company’s most ambitious summer season to date, 3d Lacrosse is proud to introduce the first round of newly unified logos for the following markets: Colorado, Dallas, Houston, Georgia, Mid-Atlantic, New England, New England South, Nor Cal, Oregon, San Diego, Southland, Tri-State and Upstate.

“We’re fired up for the new look to our regions and we know that cutting-edge design and marketing help differentiate 3d Lacrosse across the board,” Waldbaum said. “This is a great first step in what will be a larger effort enhance the branding of 3d Lacrosse as we continue to grow.”

For more information on 3d Lacrosse’s national and regional offerings, visit 3dLacrosse.com. 

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