3d Lacrosse Reinvigorating California Gold Showcase For Maximum Exposure and Competition

3d Lacrosse Reinvigorating California Gold Showcase For Maximum Exposure and Competition

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Cali Gold 2015 logo.jpg

SAN DIEGO — One of the longest running invitational showcases in the West, 3d Lacrosse’s California Gold Showcase is getting a recharge in the form of an enhanced talent pool and a large influx of college coaches from across the country to observe the attending players.

Assembling its experienced and deeply connected staff spread across the Pacific Coast, 3d Lacrosse is looking to bring the best players from the West to Oceanside’s SoCal Sports Complex for a one-day experience that will provide attendees with game-changing training in the 3d Methodology and invaluable exposure to coaches from all levels of the college game.

“3d Lacrosse has the biggest footprint in the West and we are constantly looking for ways to provide more opportunities for player development and exposure for the programs in Southern California and all the way up the Pacific Coast,” said Zack Burke, the Director of 3d San Diego.

Known for its intimate setting and its world-class training, the California Gold Showcase will take place June 23, for the first time ever being held on the day prior to 3d Lacrosse’s growing summer SoCal two-day extravaganza, The Riptide Lacrosse Tournament, which will bring upward of 100 teams to the region.

Last summer, about 120 players from the West gathered in front of 30 college coaches for the California Gold Showcase, taking the field to experience 3d’s proven training and showcase model. This coming summer, 3d Lacrosse has ensured capacity for up to 200 players in the graduation classes of 2018, 2019 and 2020.

This year’s California Gold Showcase is expected to draw more than 40 coaches representing schools in the Division I, II and III ranks.

Packaging the showcase with the increasingly popular Riptide tournament, 3d leadership is looking to extend the opportunity for players on the West Coast to be seen by and make an impression on college coaches.

“We’re looking to create the greatest and most valuable opportunity for players out west,” Burke said. “By positioning Cali Gold just before The Riptide, we’re extending that window of time beyond just the weekend that these gives players an even more valuable window of time that we’re extending for them. We know most players need more than just a couple hours or a quick game to make an impression on coaches. This offering will allow the attending coaches to become more familiar with the prospects by the end of the weekend.”

Immersing players in the 3d Methodology, the goal is to get players on the same page and adhering to an offensive and defensive system. Thanks to 3d Lacrosse’s network, Burke expects the talent to represent the upper echelon of players from the Pacific Coast.

“We are working with the long list of coaches in our circles to bring together the very best, most dedicated athletes from SoCal and up the coast who want to play lacrosse at the next level and give coaches a unique concentration of talent they won’t see anywhere else. That starts with the local community, where we know 3d Lacrosse and 3d San Diego has had a huge impact on the game and player development.”

Like every year, the California Gold Showcase features a lineup of custom apparel from Nike, 3d Lacrosse’s official apparel partner.

“We know this is one of the best opportunities that exists for players out this way and this year we’re looking to give the best and most productive weekend of their year,” said Mike Ryder, 3d Lacrosse’s National Camps Director.

“The Cali Gold Showcase is a prime example of what we’re doing to raise the bar of our training and exposure opportunities for players all over the country. We’re looking for ways to bundle valuable opportunities that will be meaningful and important to lacrosse players and their families but also to coaches from all levels.”

Registration for the California Gold Showcase is open to all, though spaces are limited. To learn more about the event, visit 3dLacrosse.com.

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