3d Lacrosse Realigns Leadership for Accelerated Company Growth, Build-Out of Content Library

3d Lacrosse Realigns Leadership for Accelerated Company Growth, Build-Out of Content Library

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DENVER — 3d Lacrosse, the nation’s leading provider of lacrosse training and services, has announced company Founder and Chief Executive Officer Jamie Munro will take on a new role as the company’s Chief Innovation Officer. Greg Waldbaum, the company’s current President and Chief Operating Officer, has been named the new CEO effective immediately.

In an evolutionary move that will help the company best utilize and align its internal expertise, Munro will focus specifically on accelerating the build-out and commercialization of 3d Lacrosse’s proprietary Methodology Content Library, already the most comprehensive set of proprietary lacrosse content in the industry today. Waldbaum, a long-time 3d Lacrosse executive, will take over full responsibility for leading and managing all aspects of the company’s operations.

“This is a natural progression for the 3d Lacrosse leadership,” said Marc Kramer, a member of 3d Lacrosse’s Board of Directors. “This move also demonstrates 3d Lacrosse’s commitment to building its industry-leading position in the development of innovative methods and content used to train lacrosse coaches and players, ultimately helping grow and raise the quality of the sport across the country.”

The 3d Methodology Content Library, a proprietary, cutting-edge learning resource for coaches of all experience levels, has been an area of increasing focus for Munro in the past several years.

The library has come to include hundreds of training and educational videos and written content designed to develop master-level coaches and now will be expanded with new collateral for both coaches and players of all ages and skill levels.

“The Methodology is the DNA of what we do here at 3d Lacrosse, and it’s going to be a big boost to the strength of all of our offerings as we devote even more attention to refining our practices and how we teach coaches and coach players,” Munro said. “I’m fired up to truly immerse myself in the creation of the original content that has helped differentiate this company from the start and is really what I am most passionate about.”

The head coach at the University of Denver from 1998 to 2009, Munro said 3d Lacrosse was born directly from his passion to coach the game in innovative ways and share that philosophy. In founding the company, he drew his inspiration from playing and observing box lacrosse, making it his goal to systemize a fusion of field and box lacrosse through unique teaching and training methods.

The move is consistent with the overall trajectory and growth of 3d Lacrosse in recent years, which in 2016 was ranked in the Inc. 5000 list of the nation’s fastest growing private companies for the fourth consecutive year. Today, 3d Lacrosse employs more coaches and trains more players than any other lacrosse company.

“This is an easy transition for the company as Greg has really been operating in a chief executive capacity for many years,” Kramer said. “Greg has helped transform 3d Lacrosse from a small, entrepreneurially managed company into one of the largest and most professionally managed companies in the world of lacrosse. Greg has built a strong team of professionals that is rapidly expanding the footprint and capabilities of the company.”

Waldbaum, who has served as President and COO of 3d Lacrosse since 2011, is one of the company’s board members dating back to 2009, when he and Munro teamed up. A graduate of Dartmouth College who holds a Master of Business Administration from Washington University, Waldbaum brings a wealth of professional management experience to 3d Lacrosse, having been the president or CEO of six companies over the past two decades, including four that he himself helped found.

“I’m both thrilled and honored to take on this expanded role and strive to take 3d Lacrosse to new heights,” Waldbaum said. “We have reached an important point in the evolution of the company where it makes sense to maximize the value and abilities of the many talented professional people we’ve put in place across the country, and I feel confident that I can lead that charge for us as we approach another exciting year with more in store than ever before.”

Munro believes the redefined focus for top management at 3d Lacrosse will better connect leadership to their natural areas of passion.

“For me, it’s really about coaching and making sure that we are constantly evolving the way that we coach and the way we instruct our coaches,” Munro said. “We’re putting managerial responsibilities into great hands with the professional staff we’ve assembled. We’ve got so many energetic people working in different key areas and Greg has the right vision to lead them toward our goals. He cares so much about 3d Lacrosse, he has excellent foresight and I believe he’s positioning us for a successful trajectory in the coming years. This is a great move for all of us.”

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