3d Lacrosse Poised to Serve an Evolving College Lacrosse Landscape

3d Lacrosse Poised to Serve an Evolving College Lacrosse Landscape

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DENVER — Prepared to navigate the ever-changing college lacrosse landscape, 3d Lacrosse – the nation’s leading provider of lacrosse training and player development services – remains positioned to serve the evolving needs of college coaches and 3d families nationwide.

“The NCAA’s decision to adopt new rules for how coaches communicate with potential student-athletes and the newly instituted timeline for contact is not a cause for alarm – not for employees of 3d Lacrosse, nor the families of 3d Select boys and girls players,” said Sean Fox, 3d Lacrosse’s Executive Vice President of Operations.

“Through our normal course of business, 3d Lacrosse and its network of coaches always try to be prepared for any changes that can impact our effort to help our student-athletes move on to the college level. We are constantly assessing the impact of rules and any changes in those rules, regardless of the level of play.”

Since its inception, 3d Lacrosse has built its offerings and core differentiating factors through strong relationships with college coaches at all levels. From the beginning, 3d Lacrosse has been carefully helping both college coaches and prospective student-athletes navigate the different landscapes that are Division I, Division II, Division III and even MCLA lacrosse. 3d Lacrosse has all the while been working with a large and diverse population of coaches, many of whom operate on a different timeline or with different admission requirements, depending on the school and conference.

3d Lacrosse has hundreds of coaches in its network who are already weighing in on the rule changes and their impact. The 3d Staff includes current and former college coaches who have invaluable knowledge and experience on the boys and girls side.

“We are committed to nurturing our relationships with college coaches and forging new ones as we continue to strengthen our collection of events, showcases and training camps, which includes offerings for student-athletes looking to compete at any level of college,” Fox said.

“We are confident that by staying true to our motto of ‘train-first, get better,’ we are positioning our Select teams and our products to give our customers the best chance to play and succeed at all levels, including college. We will continue to work hard and teach our student-athletes to focus on their improvement and stay the course to be the best they can be at the end of the day.”

3d Lacrosse has celebrated the commitment of any 3d Alumni, even if early in his or her scholastic career. But 3d Lacrosse encourages each and every player to take his or her time in the process.

The 3d Staff is constantly working to match players’ interests and abilities with college coaches who are pursuing the right kind of student-athlete for their program. Within any and all rules put in place, 3d Lacrosse coaches, directors and managers will utilize the company’s countless relationships with college coaches to create opportunities for 3d student-athletes across the country.

“We can’t predict what college coaches will do, but we know they will all still be searching for the best student-athletes for their respective programs while abiding the rules,” said 3d Lacrosse’s East Coast Director and Rochester-based 3d Upstate Director Dave Dobbins.

Dobbins is a former associate head coach at Ohio State, a program now ranked regularly in national polls. He’s one of many current 3d coaches with experience at the college, pro and international level. Dobbins and his fellow 3d coaches collectively acquire and share knowledge within the company so as to best serve student-athletes and their families.

“Any rule changes will mean a learning process for college coaches and, in turn, it requires us to really dig in and work to understand how the process itself will truly be impacted,” Dobbins said. “But in essence, little changes from a 3d coaching perspective: we are going to assist college coaches in the evaluation process, we will help our players and families get the right exposure opportunities, and we will support our families in the recruitment process when the time and rules allow it. To be absolutely clear, we will follow and support all NCAA rules at all levels.”

Early feedback on the rule changes indicates that any new-look recruiting rules could enhance and open up more Division III opportunities for talented lacrosse players. Since its founding, 3d Lacrosse has been adamantly supportive of Division III lacrosse, committing the same level of resources and programming as it has put into Division I- and II-centric offerings.

“All of our offerings – from our leading-edge training and development, to our world-class showcases and national and regional events – can stand on their own as valuable engagements for today’s player regardless of any future shifts in the college lacrosse landscape,” said 3d Lacrosse CEO Greg Waldbaum.

As the calendar potentially slides back for some college coaches, it stands to reason that student-athletes will – first and foremost – need to sustain a high level of academic performance. Additionally, both boys and girls lacrosse prospects will need to develop greater skill and achieve college-level physical fitness and conditioning to stand out among the best of the best nationwide.

Some of the game’s top coaches have pointed to training and development as becoming much more important factors for potential college lacrosse players.

“3d Lacrosse’s train-first approach to player development has positioned our players and even participants at our camps and showcases to be on the right path to truly advance in skill and IQ as he or she ages up,” Waldbaum said.

“This should put players in a position to be a higher-caliber prospect later in the process than he or she is early on in it. 3d Lacrosse has helped place players at elite colleges at what has been considered ‘late in the process,’ and we will continue to make that happen. As noted by all of our coaches and staff, we stand by, support and will abide by all new NCAA rules and regulations.”

3d Lacrosse leadership has reinforced the company’s commitment to respect any rules college coaches are asked to follow. The company is committed to helping the many coaches in its expansive network connect with players on the 3d Select rosters – when the time is appropriate for both parties.

“Most importantly, we are here to educate families on the recruiting process and to guide prospective athletes and their parents through that process, empowering them with the most valuable resources and knowledge to make the best decisions about their future, whether its Division I, II or III,” said Matt Rowley, 3d Lacrosse’s National Club Director.

“Any new rules could create some timing differences and potential challenges. But it could actually give more players a larger window to be seen and evaluated. Thanks to our extremely large network of coaches, which includes friendships and working relationships with many of the best minds in the game, our staff is already immersed in learning how to do what is best for our families in the face of potential change.”

3d Lacrosse is committed to honoring the game of lacrosse through a number of avenues, including a growing network of employees who also serve as high school coaches in their respective regions. 3d Lacrosse currently employs more than 20 men and women who are either head or assistant coaches at the scholastic level including such powerhouse schools as Poway (Calif.), Arapahoe and Kent Denver (Colo.), Noble & Greenough School (Mass.), Highland Park (Texas) and more.

Supporting the careers of people who are also making an impact on the high school game is another way that 3d Lacrosse is dedicated to enriching the sport and its culture. Scholastic lacrosse is still where most of 3d Lacrosse’s most recognized players are making a name for themselves and building on what they’ve learned with 3d Lacrosse.

“You look at our roster of employees, and you see 3d Lacrosse’s coaches are out on the sidelines working hard and making sure players have opportunities to be discovered all the way up through his or her senior seasons, regardless of his or her club affiliation,” Waldbaum said.

“Simply put, we are committed to being the very best in the business at helping players focus on their IQ and skill development and, when the time comes, helping them find the right college to build their future,” Waldbaum said. “The only changes we see are a potential shift to focus more on what we’ve been focusing on all along, and that’s becoming a better player as you go.”

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