3d Lacrosse Partners with Finnest Educational Financial App and Debit Card for On-The-Go Student-Athletes, Sports Families

3d Lacrosse Partners with Finnest Educational Financial App and Debit Card for On-The-Go Student-Athletes, Sports Families

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3d Lacrosse Partners with Finnest Educational Financial App and Debit Card for On-The-Go Student-Athletes, Sports Families

DENVER — 3d Lacrosse has announced a partnership with Finnest, the educational debit card and app for student-athletes and their families. As of today, Finnest becomes the Official Debit Card of 3d Lacrosse.

Launched in 2018, Finnest is an intuitive money management app that combines the security of a debit card with parental and financial controls to provide a convenient payment tool for on-the-go kids and their families.

While serving as a highly valuable travel addition for families, Finnest encourages saving and conscientious spending while also making possible instant easy money transfers between parents and kids, and much more.

Rick Sawyer, CEO of the Boston-based Finnest, said his company was established with the goal of finding a better way to help youth and young adults learn financial responsibility.

“Our focus as a company is on financial education and making sure kids are learning how to use money responsibly. Our product development is always focused on helping kids better understand earning, saving, responsible spending, investing and giving,” Sawyer said.

“There aren’t a lot of places teaching kids that these days. The way we’ve gone about that is designing an easy-to-use cash management tool for families, and families with young traveling athletes really is the perfect use case for it.”

With connections in the sport, Sawyer and Finnest Founder and COO Clemens Grave are thrilled to form a partnership with the biggest club and events company in the lacrosse industry. They said they view lacrosse as one of the busiest in terms of in-season and out-of-season travel for athletes and their families.

“What we see in general is that with families of athletes, especially in sports like lacrosse and hockey, there are teams traveling long distances and for entire weekends and oftentimes the whole families are not traveling with the teams. If there’s a bus loading twenty-some kids, there might only be five parents going,” Sawyer said.

“This is a great way for the parents to send money so that they know it’s secure, it’s not all going to be lost or spent in one day and they get the ability to have insight into where the money is going, as well as instantly transfer money anytime. So if a kid decides they want a T-shirt at the event, or their team reaches the finals and they have to stay an extra day, they can take care of it.”

“If they didn’t have a solution like this they’d have to borrow money from another parent or player and settle up later.”

With nearly 3,000 3d Select players from coast to coast and upward of 20,000 event attendees annually, 3d Lacrosse and its yearly schedule of tournaments, training camps and clinics represents an economy of its own, and a great deal of potential benefits for participants.

3d Lacrosse’s partnership with Finnest will include special offers for 3d Select families and for attendees of many of 3d Lacrosse’s national and regional events.

With the Finnest app and secure debit card, parents can instantly transfer money while on the go, create daily spending limits, get immediate purchase notifications and even remotely lock and unlock the card. The Finnest card has no hidden fees, no overdraft fees and can’t be used with age-inappropriate merchants, such as liquor stores.

“You can just imagine the number of challenges or potentially serious situations this can help avert,” said Mike Bartlett, 3d Lacrosse’s Director of Events.

“We do everything we can to try to help event attendees have a great experience and preparing yourself with a handy app like this is smart and something we think will benefit a lot of people coming to our tournaments.”

Through the partnership, 3d Lacrosse and Finnest will in the coming months be offering a custom-designed debit card to 3d Select families.

“Strategic partnerships are at the center of 3d Lacrosse and its mission to become the best provider of services to our lacrosse families far and wide, including our 3d Select families and those that attend our many 3d Events throughout the year,” said 3d Lacrosse CEO Greg Waldbaum.

“With all of the convenience and value it provides, we’re pleased to partner with Finnest to offer this cutting-edge solution to our event attendees and 3d Select families nationwide and honored to name Finnest the Official Debit Card of 3d Lacrosse. We strive for unrivaled customer service, and we do that by joining forces with smart companies like Finnest.”

As a special offer to all 3d Lacrosse event attendees and 3d Select participants, Finnest is offering to add $10 to every new account started via the following link: finnest.co/3dlacrosse.

About Finnest

Finnest is a financial education company based in Boston, MA. Founded in 2016, Finnest developed the first Visa® debit card in the US authorized to be issued to kids as young as 8 years old, thanks to a smart set of parental controls and features inside the mobile app. Finnest has received numerous accolades including Winner of the Rhode Island 50onFire, Top 18 companies to watch in 2018 in Rhode Island, MassChallenge Finalist and more. Finnest’s financial education platform, consisting of a mobile bank account, app and secured debit card is available in the Apple App Store. To learn more about Finnest, visit finnest.co.

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