3d Lacrosse Names Pat Luckhurst Manager of 3d Georgia

3d Lacrosse Names Pat Luckhurst Manager of 3d Georgia

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3d Lacrosse Names Pat Luckhurst Manager of 3d Georgia (Photo: Lynchburg College)

ATLANTA — Pat Luckhurst, a former standout lacrosse player at Lynchburg College, has been named the Manager of 3d Georgia and will help oversee operations in the Atlanta region.

Currently the head coach at Milton High School, Luckhurst is a native of Connecticut who moved to Georgia as a high school student-athlete and became a two-time All-State lacrosse player at the Wesleyan School.

He went on to captain the men’s lacrosse team at Lynchburg, earning All-ODAC honorable mention accolades and earning Academic All-American honors for three years. He graduated in 2011 and quickly began coaching, currently specializing in lacrosse training at the Goldin Athletic Training Association.

Luckhurst, who holds a bachelor’s degree in economics with a concentration in finance, joined the 3d Lacrosse family in early September, working out of the 3d Georgia office in Atlanta.

3d Lacrosse caught up with Coach Luckhurst in Denver at the company’s annual offsite gathering for a Q&A session, which can be read below.

For more information on the 3d Georgia programming and its offering of training opportunities, visit 3dLacrosse.com.

What has the game done for you and how do you try to give back?

The game taught me how to work hard and master my craft. It taught me how to work as a team and as an individual. It made me a better student and a better person. I try to give back to the game by helping young players realize their full potential and help them gain confidence – not just in the game of lacrosse but in the classroom and among their peers.

What is it that attracted you to 3d Lacrosse and eventually led you to joining our coaching team?

I really wanted to become a better student of the game. The 3d Methodology and the organization of the company really caught my attention. I’ve never had access to resources like what we have here in the Methodology Library. I always wanted to coach full time. 3d is a great opportunity for me to try to master this sport as a coach and do what I love.

What strengths do you think you can bring to the 3d Lacrosse brand?

I have been playing or coaching the sport since I was 12 years old. I am confident in my abilities as a coach but also realize that I don’t know everything. Not even close. I enjoy coaching but enjoy learning something new about the game even more.

How would you describe your approach to coaching?

I get my point across but don’t over do it. You need to establish respect but my first priority is to make sure the kids have fun while getting better. When my kids finish playing for me and move on to the next stage of their lives, I want them to have learned more from me than just the game of lacrosse. I want them to be able to roll with the punches and overcome adversity in all stages of life.

Who has been your biggest influence so far as it relates to your style of coaching?

Coach Steve Koudelka at Lynchburg College, who was not only the best coach I’ve ever had but also a great role model on and off the field. He taught me how to be a man during that crucial time in my life. Also, Sam Walker, one of the best high school coaches in Georgia.

What excites you about the potential for lacrosse in Georgia?

The talent and lack of coaches. We have some great coaches in the area for sure. But this sport has exploded over the past 10 years and with all the youth programs, club, rec and select teams, I think there is a lot of opportunity in Georgia for a program like 3d. And now hopefully more so with a local guy like me who can expand our network and help raise the level of coaching throughout the state.