3d Lacrosse Crowns Inaugural '3d Methodology Olympics' Winners at Annual Offsite Gathering

3d Lacrosse Crowns Inaugural '3d Methodology Olympics' Winners at Annual Offsite Gathering

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DENVER — 3d Lacrosse held its first ever 3d Methodology Olympics last week at the company’s annual offsite, putting to the test the knowledge of the company’s vast network of coaches from around the continent.

Nearly 40 full-time lacrosse coaches descended upon the Mile High City last week as 3d Lacrosse’s entire staff gathered for three days of meetings, workshops, presentations and social activities.

On Tuesday, all of the coaches on staff met at 3d Lacrosse’s headquarters, which includes an enclosed turf training facility – perfect to house small-group training scenarios for coaches and players alike.

It was there coaches split into four teams, spreading regions and experience as much as possible. Each team was rotated through four different obstacle stations led by 3d Lacrosse’s Director of Methodology, Logan Bobzien.

Through a variety of scenarios, each team and individual coach was forced to test his or her mastery of the Methodology, which is a content-rich resource library and evolving coaching framework that guides all of 3d Lacrosse’s coaching practices.

“At the highest level the 3d Methodology Olympics are all about getting to the core values of our company, and that’s getting players better, improving coaching standards, improving the great game of lacrosse and creating opportunities to grow it,” Bobzien said. “That’s our mission statement, but it’s really what we try to live every day.”

The first station of event grilled participants on the “Basic Building Blocks” of the 3d Methodology, which is currently being used to guide the internal-certification process for 3d Lacrosse coaches.

The second station focused on reinforcing the company’s overall philosophies, requiring each member of the team to identify and dissect the different foundational components of 3d’s Pyramid of Methodology.

Coaches were required in the third station to, with no preparation beforehand and only 15 minutes of work time, create a training and development-driven, age-based practice plan, on the spot. Plans were required to cover specific skills, drills and concepts to tally points. Additionally, coaches were quizzed on a series of on-field trouble-shooting scenarios commonly encountered by 3d coaches nationwide.

Finally, each team entered 3d Lacrosse’s “Thunder Dome” training facility for the final course, where coaches demonstrated their on-field and in-drill coaching abilities in a half-field setting and with an instructor overseeing every cut, pass and shot.

“Coaches were judged on their ability to see things being done correctly or incorrectly,” Bobzien explained. “It really tested their knowledge of on-field coaching collectively and it tested their depth of knowledge as a group, as you were scored on how many concepts and how many skills you taught and layered on top of one another.”

Matt Rowley, 3d Lacrosse’s National Club Director and the Director of 3d New England in Boston, was unanimously voted the individual coaching MVP for his performance and display of knowledge across all four events.

“The Methodology Olympics was really just a fun way to embody what we do as coaches,” said Rowley, who has been with 3d Lacrosse since its beginning.

A chance to bond with one another and – naturally, as coaches – compete, Rowley said the Olympics was something that differentiates 3d Lacrosse from other companies offering club lacrosse products today.

“It’s important that our players and families understand that we are taking a layered approach to training our coaches in order to help bring the most out of their players and their teams,” said Rowley, currently the head coach at the Noble & Greenough School in Dedham, Massachusetts. Rowley oversees a number of national initiatives for 3d Lacrosse, such as the National Team Camp series.

“We don’t just hand coaches a plan; we make sure they know how to implement it, drill-by-drill, step-by-step, along the way and follow up the next time with the proper progression. We hold them accountable for their responsibilities and this year’s activities at the 3d offsite are examples of what we do to try to improve ourselves as coaches.”

Traveling from various parts of the country, Bobzien pointed out that 3d Lacrosse coaches were focused on performing well in the 3d Methodology Olympics.

“Our coaches were admittedly a little stressed out because they’re concerned about their abilities and knowledge as coaches, and the product they put on the field. But the results from our competition reinforce we are indeed putting more time and thought into coaching this game than anyone else. This whole things drives value down to our customer in the form of the on-field training experience and proven player development.”

At the end of the competition, Bobzien handed out trophies and prizes to the members of “Team 3”: Susan Bankowski (3d Oregon), Steven Brooks (3d Mid-Atlantic), Walker Chafee (3d New England), Kevin Cooper (3d San Diego), Bart Farinholt (3d Colorado), Mark Goodrich (3d New England), Dalton Jernigan (3d Texas) and Andrew Kirkaldy (3d Tri-State).

The 3d Methodology Olympics were held a day before a series of presentations, workshops and meetings at the sixth annual 3d Offsite, which took place at the Magnolia Hotel in Denver.

STX Lacrosse, 3d Lacrosse’s new exclusive gear and merchandise partner, kicked off the presentations. Brett Walther, STX’s National Team Sales Manager, was on hand to share insight into STX’s lineup of innovative products and a glimpse of exciting future plans for the brand alongside 3d Lacrosse.

Another discussion was led by Dr. Katherine Dahab, a respected pediatrician with the Children’s Hospital Colorado’s Sport Medicine Center, who spoke to the 3d staff on a variety of crucial player safety and health topics, including concussions and youth-specific medical concerns.

“The 3d Methodology Olympics and the 3d Offsite are examples of how we are working to groom our coaches and employees to help create the best lacrosse experiences possible for our customers,” said 3d Lacrosse Chief Executive Officer Greg Waldbaum.

“3d Lacrosse is an industry leader, and that means creating the best staff of coaches in the country. Player safety is a crucial part of that. We want to educate, empower and entrust our coaches by suiting them with as much knowledge – from Xs and Os, to player health and safety – as possible. Our company off-site is an important chance for 3d employees both new and old to refresh themselves on our mission and core values.”

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