3d Lacrosse, Coaches from Brown University Join Forces to Launch 3d Bears To Serve Rhode Island

3d Lacrosse, Coaches from Brown University Join Forces to Launch 3d Bears To Serve Rhode Island

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PROVIDENCE — 3d Lacrosse, the nation’s leader in lacrosse training and player development, has announced a partnership with Brown University lacrosse coaches to launch 3d Bears, a regional Select club offering for student-athletes throughout Rhode Island.

Working with 3d Lacrosse’s Boston-based 3d New England division, current Brown coaches will lead a collection of high school-aged and youth select travel teams that will provide high-level competition opportunities training and instruction drawn from the 3d Methodology, 3d’s widely regarded teaching paradigm.

Brown staffers will lead the 3d Bears as the program kicks off with four high school-age teams (2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022) and two youth-level teams (2023/2024 and 2025/2026) to form this spring.

3d Bears squads will then hit the summer tournament circuit, expecting to hit three regional events per team.

The 3d Bears staff expressed excitement about the chance to work with local student-athletes at the youth and scholastic level during the offseason.

Brown assistant coach Brett Holm will lead the charge as the head coach of the 3d Bears teams.

“We are committed to teaching and coaching the fundamentals of the game that we love,” said Holm, who has been working in Rhode Island for six years.

“The opportunity to invest at the youth level is really what excited me the most. While there are some great players in the MLL and college lacrosse, Rhode Island is not consistently a hot spot in the recruiting world. The investment that the Brown coaches and 3d Lacrosse want to make at the youth level will hopefully encourage more players to get involved and a higher level of lacrosse throughout the Ocean State.”

The partnership represents a new franchise initiative by 3d Lacrosse to work with university coaches to help foster new training and development opportunities across the country.

Formed in 2006, 3d Lacrosse has set an industry standard for a range of lacrosse offerings, including team and individual training, camps, showcases, coaching workshops and team tournaments.

By working with 3d Lacrosse, college coaches like Holm will be armed not only with their own experience and knowledge, but also with the 3d Methodology. The 3d Methodology, a teaching and coaching paradigm, has been built on decades of collective coaching experience and guides coaches through a cutting-edge approach to training and developing lacrosse players.

“We’re excited about this model because it creates a special opportunity for college coaches, who tend to be very busy people, to get involved in training and coaching at the youth and high school level,” said Matt Rowley, 3d Lacrosse’s National Club Director and the Director of 3d New England.

“This also represents an important and a valuable opportunity for young lacrosse players in Rhode Island to receive world-class coaching and teaching from the very best lacrosse coaches in the region, coaches that area youth and high school players look up to.”

Greg Waldbaum, 3d Lacrosse’s CEO, said the company hopes to work with more college and university coaches to foster opportunities for players at the youth and scholastic level.

“The 3d Bears concept is the next generation of how we can expand as a company and reach new players and coaches in different areas and provide world-class instruction along the way,” Waldbaum said.

“This is how 3d Lacrosse bring its proven model for training and development to an area that wants to help raise the level of play and get more kids looking for opportunities through the sport. The collective efforts of 3d and the Brown coaches is a perfect combination and let’s each party do what it does best, bringing an end product to players and parents that is unmatched in the industry.”

For more information on the 3d Bears program, visit https://3dlacrosse.com/select/find-your-3d-market/new-england/3d-bears-b....

Interested student-athletes can also contact Matt Rowley ([email protected]) or Tim Bigelow ([email protected]) for additional details.

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