3d Lacrosse Announces Partnership with Just Play Sports Solutions to Deliver Cutting-Edge Teaching Resources to Coaches Across the Country

3d Lacrosse Announces Partnership with Just Play Sports Solutions to Deliver Cutting-Edge Teaching Resources to Coaches Across the Country

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3d Lacrosse and Just Play announce major partnership to drive content to coaches nationwide.

DENVER — 3d Lacrosse, the nation’s leader in lacrosse events and lacrosse training and recruiting services, has announced a partnership with Just Play Sports Solutions to deliver cutting-edge coaching resources to its network of coaches nationwide.

Just Play Sports Solutions, a leading provider of playbook and scouting software to sports teams across the continent, will provide a video and digital content platform that 3d Lacrosse will leverage to put real-time coaching resources into the hands of the hundreds coaches who are currently teaching the 3d Methodology.

Built on a network of field and box lacrosse coaches with hundreds of years of collective lacrosse knowledge, the 3d Methodology is a cutting-edge, evolutionary approach to training and developing lacrosse players to help them achieve the highest level of skill and performance.

A content-rich library featuring a wealth of written and video resources, the 3d Methodology Library helps 3d Lacrosse groom and train coaches themselves to master the skills and drills that they then teach through a specifically designed training environment that holds both the coaches and players accountable for every step they take in a given session.

3d Lacrosse’s Director of Methodology Brian Kelly, a longtime coach at the college and scholastic level in addition to his work as a leading 3d Master Coach, heralded the partnership as a huge boost for 3d’s ability to convey new coaching information. Just Play will enable 3d to engage the user in a variety of ways, including video format, animated diagrams and notes.

“We are extremely excited about our partnership with Just Play,” Kelly said. “The cornerstone of everything we do at 3d Lacrosse lies within our training and Methodology content and delivering this information to our coaches in an effective way is of the utmost importance.”

Kelly said 3d Lacrosse is constantly looking for the best way to provide evolving coaching content to coaches across the country so that they can efficiently and successfully implement new concepts into their teams’ training regimes.

“Our training philosophy is only as good as its ability to be put into action by our hundreds of coaches across the country and Just Play provides us with a fantastic platform to ensure our forward-thinking curriculum is housed and distributed at the highest level possible.”


Logan Bobzien, 3d Lacrosse’s Director of Training, has helped lead 3d’s dissemination of information to coaches and expects the Just Play platform to enhance the delivery process and make it easier for busy coaches to digest information anywhere they might be, including on the go.

“This is a clean, advanced platform that will allow us to house the 3d Methodology Library content and share it in a modern and cutting-edge fashion,” Bobzien said.

“This will make lives easier for directors and managers at 3d Lacrosse and for all of our coaches, who will now have access to this invaluable ‘online playbook’.”

Austin Barone, Just Play’s Founder and its Head of Sales & Business Development, said his company is looking forward to working with 3d Lacrosse as it leads the way in both the lacrosse event space and training.

“Lacrosse is the country’s fastest growing sport, and we are thrilled to partner with an organization like 3d Lacrosse to enhance their ability to teach the game in a rapidly changing environment,” Barone said.

“At Just Play, we are committed to growing the game and couldn’t be happier to partner with one of the industry’s largest thought leaders.”

For more information about the 3d Methodology and how it is revolutionizing the game of lacrosse, visit 3dlacrosse.com/3d-methodology.

To learn more about Just Play Sports Solutions, visit justplaysolutions.com.

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Just Play is on a mission to streamline coaches’ various workflow to one platform delivering the right content, to the right person, at the right time and enable coaches to better teach their teams. Working with over 500 teams from high school to the professional levels, Just Play has is rapidly changing how coaches and organizations are able to engage their players, coaches and teams. Just Play Sports Solutions currently provides playbook, scouting, and teaching tools for football, basketball, and lacrosse.

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