3d Lacrosse Announces Formation of Carroll Manor LC to Serve Girls Lacrosse Players in Baltimore County

3d Lacrosse Announces Formation of Carroll Manor LC to Serve Girls Lacrosse Players in Baltimore County

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PHOENIX, Md. — 3d Lacrosse has announced the formation of Carroll Manor LC, a training and development travel team that will serve girls youth players throughout Baltimore County.

A partnership between 3d Mid-Atlantic and the Carroll Manor Recreation Council in Phoenix, Md., Carroll Manor LC will offer youth girls players the chance to receive cutting-edge training and have a competitive travel team experience.

The Carroll Manor Recreation Council, one of the most successful recreation programs in the Baltimore region, offers a variety of youth sports for girls and boys from Phoenix, Fallston, Belair and other communities in Baltimore County.

The Carroll Manor Recreation Council (CMRC) has fielded recreational-level lacrosse teams for several years, and many of the participants have gone on to play at the youth and scholastic level in the Baltimore area.

Robert Bowman, the Lacrosse Chairperson for the CMRC, has overseen the organization’s lacrosse operations for a decade. He says he’s seen many players, both girls and boys and including his own children, age out of the recreation program and move on to play competitive club lacrosse.

“I think for our players who have done that, they’ve had a very good experience,” said Bowman, who has coached with the program as well.

“But I think it’s easy to go spend a lot of money just to play for a club and be part of that culture. As someone who has had his own children come through the program, I want these kids to learn and be developed into skilled athletes.”

Carroll Manor LC kicks off in the fall of 2017 with a 2025-2026 girls squad that will benefit from 3d Lacrosse’s hybrid training and carefully crafted practice plans. The Carroll Manor LC platform will open up to boys in the spring with the addition of a 2022 team.

3d Lacrosse’s LC offering gives participants the chance to train in the 3d Methodology, a centralized teaching paradigm that has built on decades of field and box lacrosse coaching knowledge and input. The 3d Methodology is used to teach not only the players in 3d LC programs, but also the coaches.

“We’re excited for this opportunity to work with Robert and all of the families coming through the Carroll Manor program,” said Spencer Ford, Director of 3d Mid-Atlantic.

“Robert has overseen some teams that have really produced some of the area’s top players in their respective classes, so this is a great chance for 3d Lacrosse to work with an up-and-coming pipeline of players and families who really love the game and want to get the best training possible for their money.”

Bowman, who said he has been fortunate to work with many great coaches over the years, said he wants to raise the level of coaching for players who come through the Carroll Manor Recreation Council program and move on to the next level of play. He said the resources provided by 3d Lacrosse to its coaches could be the difference.

“I’ve slowly seen a degradation in club coaching and things have become a little bit deflated. The purpose of club lacrosse is meant to be a place for elite athletes be more challenged, and in ways that seems to have faded.”

After meeting with 3d Mid-Atlantic Director Spencer Ford and Manager Kristan Ash, as well as additional 3d coaches from the region, Bowman said he saw the right fit for the youth players and the families participating in his program.

Bowman said he was attracted to 3d’s Hybrid Box-Field Development system, but he was equally drawn to its people and the ability to institute a consistent and teaching-based training plan that would help bring out the best in youth girls players. From the proven skills and drills, to the accessibility of practices plans for coaches, Bowman believes 3d’s model can thrive even in a lacrosse hotbed like Baltimore.

A program that is priced differently than 3d Lacrosse’s Select model, he is excited for the opportunity to help Carroll Manor youth girls players take the next step this fall with the program’s fourth/fifth-grade combined team.

Ash, the girls varsity coach at the Riverside High School in Virginia, is looking forward to helping bring 3d Lacrosse’s training to young players in the Baltimore region especially at a time when girls lacrosse is growing rapidly.

“Carroll Manor has an excellent track record of providing outstanding recreational activities for youth, including lacrosse programming, so this is a chance for 3d Lacrosse to form a partnership that can have a big impact and help a lot of young girls who want to play the game for as long as possible,” Ash said.

“This group has a special place in my heart. They work so hard, challenge themselves with new skills and they have a great time on and off the field.”

Ash, recently named the General Manager of the United Women’s Lacrosse League, will be coaching the Carroll Manor LC squad along with coaches from the CMRC program.

“We’re really fired up to kick this off this fall and dive right in to give the girls the best experience possible and help them love the game and want to make it a key driving force in their lives. But we want to do it at a pace that is right for each family.”

For more information on Carroll Manor LC, visit the 3d Lacrosse > Training > Mid-Atlantic.

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