3d Lacrosse Announces Expansion of 3d NorCal to Offer Better Training Opportunities To San Francisco and East Bay Youth Players

3d Lacrosse Announces Expansion of 3d NorCal to Offer Better Training Opportunities To San Francisco and East Bay Youth Players

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SAN FRANCISCO — 3d Lacrosse, the nation’s leading provider of lacrosse training and player development services, has announced the expansion of its 3d NorCal market to offer youth programming to the growing number of lacrosse players residing on both sides of the San Francisco Bay.

Beginning in the fall/winter season of 2017, 3d NorCal will be fielding 3d San Francisco and 3d East Bay teams at the U-10, U-12 and U-14 level featuring two separate rosters in each group with players representing their respective side of the Bay.

“There are so many young players here who want to train at a high level and could benefit from 3d Lacrosse’s proven training and development model, but getting there is the challenge,” said 3d NorCal Director Mike Kruger.

Kruger took over as the head of 3d NorCal in 2016 after serving as a Division I assistant at the University of Vermont for three years. A four-year starting goalie at Fairfield University, Kruger has been overseeing the operations in NorCal and has worked to connect with families throughout the region to explore and better understand their needs and challenges.

“The San Francisco Bay Area is a lot larger than most people realize and navigating it can be a logistical challenge for lacrosse families seeking high level lacrosse training for their sons,” Kruger said.

“We’ve heard that from our families and families interested in our services. We want to provide the opportunity for youth players on both sides of the Bay to rapidly advance their skills and gain valuable exposure. This move will allow us to do that successfully and better serve what is essentially two different areas within the region.”

The U-10, U-12 and U-14 3d San Francisco and 3d East Bay teams will each travel to three competitive tournaments in the fall/winter of 2017 and in the summer of 2018. All six of the teams will travel to the same tournaments in fall/winter of 2017 and the summer of 2018.

“We’ve tried to structure this to deliver the best possible training and development experience and include tournament travel opportunities while making it convenient for families who come from different parts of the region,” said Kruger, who was named head coach at Amador Valley High School in Pleasanton this year.

“These teams are going to benefit from our build-up of skills and lacrosse knowledge as they age up and gain more experience within our system.”

3d NorCal will hold tryouts for the San Francisco and East Bay teams in August.
Leading the 3d NorCal San Francisco and East Bay youth squads in training and on the sidelines will be 3d-certified coaches groomed in the 3d Methodology and the company’s proprietary Box-Field Hybrid Development System.

Once youth players graduate to the high school level, they will have the opportunity to compete with 3d Select NorCal, which will continue to be comprised of players from both regions. All 3d San Francisco and East Bay youth players will have the opportunity to participate in 3d Lacrosse’s national and regional camps, showcases and clinics, including National Team Camp.

“3d NorCal has had a good thing going for a while now, and it’s time to begin building on it and making a greater impact here,” Kruger said.

Established in 2012, 3d NorCal will see many of the players on its initial team – the 3d Select NorCal 2017 squad – compete next year at the Division I level.

“The expansion of the 3d NorCal program comes at a time when we’re seeing the hard work of our coaches in and around San Francisco paying off,” said 3d Lacrosse CEO Greg Waldbaum.

“We’ve heard loud and clear the calling for more accessible, proven lacrosse training opportunities in the region, and we’re excited for the effort Mike Kruger and his team are putting into making this a success. This is about giving more opportunities to a growing population of lacrosse players and developing the sport. We know that 3d Lacrosse can have a major positive influence on the level of play and coaching in an up-and-coming region and we’re thrilled to be involved in building the lacrosse culture in Northern California.”

For more information on 3d NorCal, visit 3dLacrosse.com.

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