3d Lacrosse’s Original ‘Committed Camp’ Evolves to STX Rising College Prep Camp Platform; Offers Advanced Preparation for Life, Lacrosse in College

3d Lacrosse’s Original ‘Committed Camp’ Evolves to STX Rising College Prep Camp Platform; Offers Advanced Preparation for Life, Lacrosse in College

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New Hampton, N.H. — 3d Lacrosse is taking the nation’s most established and proven “committed camp” to the next level in 2018 to help more college commits hit the ground running when they arrive on campus.

Lacrosse’s original offering for college-committed players, the Overnight Prep Camp has evolved to become part of the STX Rising Showcase Series – a partnership between STX Lacrosse and 3d Lacrosse to provide high-level training and development opportunities for student-athletes.

Now known as STX Rising College Prep, the camp will take a new form thanks to an injection of additional value-added elements to help student-athletes prepare for lacrosse, studies and life at the next level.

“College Prep was absolutely the start of the committed camp concept in this sport,” said Matt Rowley, 3d Lacrosse’s National Club Director and the Director of 3d New England in Boston.

“With all the opportunities out there for today’s prospects and commits, none actually offer the chance for a student-athlete to prepare for the rigors of college responsibilities and playing lacrosse and the balancing act it requires. We designed this camp five years ago with the intent of providing that opportunity and we remain committed to that by continuing to improve it each year. College Prep is unique in that it’s something that we know only the most dedicated and hardest-working players will jump at.”

3d New England Senior Manager Mark Goodrich, who oversees STX Rising College Prep, played Division I lacrosse at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. He’s been working on the camp since he joined 3d Lacrosse in 2013, and part of that effort has been focused on building much more than just a camp comprised of college-committed players.

“This camp isn’t bringing committed players together to just have them play a bunch of games against one another,” Goodrich said. “3d Lacrosse is focused on preparation and training and that’s why we’ve built our College Prep camp around our core mission to help players get better for every step in their voyage.”

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Immersing participants in training sessions culled from the nationally recognized 3d Methodology, attendees will experience intense, competitive practices and training sessions that are as challenging – if not more challenging – than what a student-athletes will experience in at the Division I, II or III level.

The first of just two full games, players will lock horns Tuesday night. The college style scrimmage is filmed, and that film is then broken down by coaches and players over the course of the next two days leading up to the week’s real “game.”

“The College Prep camp emulates what is really going on behind the scene in any given week when you’re in college getting ready for a matchup,” Goodrich said.

“You’re breaking down film before and after practice, you’re preparing for the your specific matchup and you’re still going through your regular practices and training routines, on top of going to class. These guys will be getting ready for our closing game and they’ll be required to complete their own scouting reports as part of the process – all on top of other responsibilities. That’s what real life is like as a college lacrosse player.”

All of the film breakdown, practices and training sessions are built into a busy schedule that includes presentations and classroom-style training sessions to help enrich the attendee experience and provide them with as much insight and helpful information as possible.

“Every single coach on staff at the College Prep camp gets the chance to share his story with the players, and they tell it like it is and be honest about mistakes, bad choices and their ups and downs so that the players can see all the things that can go right and wrong for you along the way,” Goodrich said.

“Every coach here is a former college player. They’re open and honest and they’re addressing the players regularly throughout the camp so these messages are always in their heads. This imparting of life advice and knowledge and the other important developmental pieces we’ve put in place help separate this camp from everything else out there.”

The “life preparation” built into the College Prep camp includes a series of athlete-specific motivation sessions led by renowned motivational speaker Keith Wilford of the Wilford Movement.

Wilford, who has worked with 3d Lacrosse at a variety of camps, will challenge College Prep attendees to discover the determination within themselves and strive for their full potential.

“The College Prep camp is one of my favorite opportunities over the summer,” said Wilford, who played lacrosse and football at Widener University.

“The close-knit setting between coaches and players is incredible. The program goes beyond what can be written. The connections that are made during these immersive days are what makes the camp powerful.”

Wilford – like the coaches staffing the camp – will open up with players and invite them to learn about themselves throughout the course of the camp.

“As a former collegiate athlete, I speak of my experiences with the athletes but more importantly I connect with them on the human level, addressing their fears and concerns over the next part of their journey.”

College Prep attendees will also go through a training session led by the One Love Foundation, as well as a workshop on responsible social media use and much more.

“We’ve added a lot to this camp over the years and it’s better than it’s ever been with so many relevant, applicable aspects of the experience it provides and the difference it can really make for a player,” Rowley said.

“College Prep can help be a positive wake up call for attendees but more so it is really an incredible way to get an early start on the life you will be living as a full-time college lacrosse player.”

College committed players interested in attending the STX Rising College Prep camp can learn more about it by visiting https://3dlacrosse.com/signup/stx-rising-college-prep-2018-registration.

Anyone with additional questions is encouraged to contact Mark Goodrich at [email protected].

Learn more about 3d Lacrosse and its range of offerings, including the STX Rising Showcase Series, visit 3dLacrosse.com.

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