3d Lacrosse’s Fall Events Lineup Follows Growth of the Game, Brings Opportunities to Student-Athletes Far and Wide

3d Lacrosse’s Fall Events Lineup Follows Growth of the Game, Brings Opportunities to Student-Athletes Far and Wide

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DENVER — 3d Lacrosse has announced its fall lineup of events to include two new tournaments – the SOL Games and the Tropical Thaw – as well as the continuation of some of the season’s most popular team and individual opportunities.

The fall sees two new events taking place in Central Florida, including the inaugural SOL Games – 3d’s first ever youth girls event – and the Tropical Thaw – an invitational, championship-style, year-end team tournament and 3d’s first major team tournament in the Southeast.

“As lacrosse continues to evolve and the landscape changes, 3d Lacrosse and 3d Events are committed to improving our tournaments and showcases and to bringing our offerings to different populations in new areas,” said Mike Bartlett, 3d Lacrosse’s Director of Events.

“We are essentially mapping the growth of the game and striving to keep building on our already successful events.”

Both the SOL Games and the Tropical Thaw will take place at Northeast Regional Park, just a short drive from the Disney Resorts, and will offer new and valuable opportunities for young lacrosse players to compete in an inviting setting.

A partnership with Top of the Bay Lacrosse based in Baltimore, the SOL Games will be held on November 17 and 18.

The event will feature divisions for girls in the 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 and 2027 graduating classes. Teams are guaranteed five matchups over the course of two days at the SOL Games.

“One of the great aspects of the SOL Games is that it’s happening at a time when lots of players and their families already have plans to be in Florida so they can make the most out of their travel and their time,” said Kristan Ash, 3d Lacrosse’s National Director of Girls Lacrosse.

“The 3d Events team is always looking for ways to make our tournaments not only a great experience for attendees and their families, but also position them at times and locations that are convenient and allow families to save money on travel costs.”

The Tropical Thaw is a championship-format boys tournament featuring divisions for High School Elite (2019/2020) and High School Rising (2021/2022), as well as the 2023, 2024, 2025 and 2026/2027 class groups.

The tournament will be held December 29 and 30, leading up to the New Year’s Eve holiday.

“We’re fired up to launch a whole new event in a region that we know is hungry for better lacrosse opportunities and is also an area that many lacrosse families will travel to ring in the New Year,” Bartlett said.

“This is 3d Lacrosse’s first ever team tournament in the Southeast and we’re confident that we will deliver a world-class experience like we have with our other 3d Events offerings nationwide.”

The introduction of two new events rounds out an already-robust fall lineup for 3d Events that will draw more than 3,000 players to sports complexes on both sides of the continent.

The FLG in 3d Fall Shootout, one of the most heavily attended events for college coaches, will be better than ever and will again take over the DE Turf Complex on November 10 and 11.

With teams able to compete on one or both days, an average of about 80 different squads compete over the course of the weekend, making the tournament one of the biggest and most diverse in terms of the teams and participants.

“The FLG in 3d Fall Shootout is really one of our staple events and, because of its draw of quality teams and so many coaches, has helped set the bar high for all the events we run,” Bartlett said.

“We’ve been working with FLG Lacrosse on Long Island on our FLG in 3d Series for about six years and we look forward to another year with a company that has become a great partner.”

A two-day engagement with both team and individual opportunities, 3d’s College Bound Series East event will move to The Proving Grounds in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania.

Made up of a one-day individual showcase on Saturday and a team tournament on Sunday, CBS East is a unique opportunity for players of all skill levels to gain recruiting exposure to Division I, II and III coaches and compete against teams from around the continent in a smaller, more intimate setting.

3d’s large-scale team tournament held in Southern California, the Oceanside Hustle was sold out in 2017 with more than 120 competing teams and is already filling up for this year. Quickly becoming a popular off-season destination for college coaches, the Oceanside Hustle brought more than 60 coaches to the SoCal Sports Complex last fall.

This year’s Oceanside Hustle tournament is scheduled for December 1 and 2. The event kicks off on November 30 with an instructional clinic that is led by the attending college coaches and typically draws more than 120 boys and girls players for a night of training and learning to start the weekend.

“Our fall lineup for this year is better than ever and offers something for all types of lacrosse players – boys and girls, teams and individuals – in a good mix of settings and geographic locations,” Bartlett said.

3d Events, an industry leader in tournament and showcase operations since forming in 2009, prides itself on helping create the ideal “recruiting roadmap” for teams and players of all skill level and from any region of the United States or Canada.

“3d Events is dedicated to helping lay out a path that really works for a team or a player depending on where they’re at in terms of skill, experience and their goals of playing in college. As we create stronger relationships with our customers, we are striving to steer them in the right direction on the 3d Events trail depending on their needs.”

To learn more about 3d Lacrosse’s full lineup of national and regional events, visit 3dLacrosse.com/tournaments. Follow 3d Events on Twitter (@events_3d) and on Instagram (@3dlaxevents).

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