3d Georgia To Staff Summer Box-Field Elite Camp with College Lacrosse Coaches and Star Players

3d Georgia To Staff Summer Box-Field Elite Camp with College Lacrosse Coaches and Star Players

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ATLANTA  — 3d Georgia will be bringing nationally recognized college coaches and star players to the Atlanta region to provide high-level hybrid lacrosse instruction at this summer’s Box-Field Elite Camp.

Coaches from Johns Hopkins University and Hofstra University will be on staff with 3d Georgia Director Bob Hamley and his team at the five-day Box-Field Elite Camp taking place June 5 to June 9.

Open to youth and high school-aged boys and girls players (2018 to 2024), 3d Georgia’s Box-Field Elite Camp features two separate components: three days of box training at Union Hill Park in Alpharetta followed by two days on a full field at the Mt. Pisgah Sports Field in Johns Creek.  

Among the coaches working with attendees will be Johns Hopkins assistant Bill Dwan and Hofstra head coach Seth Tierney. Some of the college games top players are also expected to be on staff for the camp, the newest in 3d Lacrosse’s Box-Field Elite series.

“We are fired up to bring world-class coaches to Georgia and we’ll be welcoming some impressive players to work with the student-athletes at our Box-Field Elite Camp, too,” Hamley said. “We think it’s a great opportunity for serious lacrosse players in the Atlanta area.”

A longtime box player from Ontario who after his pro career went on to coach five different National Lacrosse League teams, Hamley also serves as 3d Lacrosse’s Director of Box Lacrosse.

He’s worked tirelessly with 3d Lacrosse’s camps department and the 3d Methodology team to build professional-level drills and training plans into the June camp, in addition to bringing in Division I coaches and players. 

An intense and carefully planned training and development experience, 3d Lacrosse’s proven Box-Field Elite Camp series immerses players in the box game, while focusing on skills that translate to the field game, and then teaches them how to use those box skills in a field lacrosse setting.

Players experience countless reps in an intense, fast-paced, true box lacrosse environment that fosters rapid skill development. Then the players head to the field, where they are given carefully planned instruction on how to implement those box skills into field lacrosse drills and games, advancing their IQ and their ability to succeed as field players. 

“Anyone who comes to this camp will leave with an entirely new view of the game of lacrosse,” Hamley said. “That goes for offensive and defensive players. Immersion into the box game, along with the proper instruction for bringing those box skills to the field, will help local players improve quickly in a number of ways and increase their chances of playing in college.”

Working with 4-foot-by-4-foot box lacrosse nets and within the enclosed confines of the box, players will concentrate on shooting skills such as faking and using screens. Diving into box lacrosse offensive strategy, they will learn the 2-man game and how to use the pick-and-roll to create shot opportunities.

Likewise, defenders are exposed to high-level offensive concepts and how to defend against them, all the while benefitting from the same skill development as offensive players.  

Out on the turf, the Box-Field Elite Camp staff will help translate box concepts and skills into valuable tools for the field game to make each participant a more dynamic, more intelligent player.

“The beauty of the Box-Field Elite Camp is that it offers an incredible amount of instruction, reps and teaching in just a few days’ time,” Hamley said.

“We have seen the dramatic impact that a brief experience in the box can have on players of any level. Learning lacrosse this way will also help young players have more fun while playing it, because this is really the way the game should be played – with speed and skill.”

Registration information for 3d Georgia’s Box-Field Elite Camp can be found at https://3dlacrosse.com/signup/3d-georgia-boxfield-elite-camp-2017. To learn more about 3d Georgia’s offerings, visit https://3dlacrosse.com/training/find-your-market/georgia.

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