3d Colorado Wins Three Titles, Eight Other Champions Crowned at FLG in 3d Summer Shootout in Maryland

3d Colorado Wins Three Titles, Eight Other Champions Crowned at FLG in 3d Summer Shootout in Maryland

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FLG in 3d SUMMER 915x515.jpg

BOYDS, Md. — Eleven champions celebrated title victories last weekend at the annual FLG in 3d Summer Shootout, a tournament co-hosted by Denver-based 3d Lacrosse and FLG Lacrosse of Long Island.

About 160 boys scholastic and youth-aged teams from as far away as the West Coast and Canada traveled to the Maryland SoccerPlex, where the facility was packed with teams and families Friday evening for the kick off.

When all was said and done late Sunday afternoon, teams from eight different states or regions were among those celebrating titles. 3d Colorado, a program based in Denver, was the day’s big winner, taking home the 2019 Red, 2022 and 2023 division championships.

Team members received custom FLG in 3d Summer Shootout victors’ medals and celebrated with the official tournament championship banner as family members and friends snapped photos and shared their experiences on social media with the hashtag #FLGin3d.

“We continue to see teams come from far and wide to compete at the FLG in 3d Summer Shootout and they bring their families too, giving us a turnout of several thousand people,” said Mike Bartlett, 3d Lacrosse’s Director of Events.

“This was another year with a great collection of teams, and more than any other year we can see that the level of competition is equally high for the younger brackets, where teams are playing a lot of close games and the teams are full of skilled young players who are still early in their development. It’s really fun to see it.”

Fostering an environment that encourages good sportsmanship, an MVP ball was presented – in every single game at the tournament – to a player on each team by the opposing team’s coach.

Upward of 170 college coaches were in attendance this year, and they filled the sidelines throughout the weekend, especially during Saturday night’s four All-Star showcases.

With more than 20 fields at the Maryland SoccerPlex, food trucks and vendors were set up at four different quadrants throughout the weekend. Lax.com, 3d Lacrosse’s official retail partner, was on site with a full lineup of gear, apparel and stringing services. Lax.com also provided gift certificates to the winners of the Friday evening face-off competition held near headquarters.

STX, 3d Lacrosse’s official gear partner, was camped out on site all weekend, collecting feedback from attendees and showing off samples of the most advanced gear in the game.

3d Lacrosse’s video partner, Elevation Video, filmed the action on the field all weekend long, making their range of services available to teams and individual players.

A surprise from local government officials who work with the facility, Montgomery County sponsored lunch for upward of 300 people working as staff and field officials on Saturday afternoon.

“3d Lacrosse has a lot of great partners and we’re grateful to have them on site and working with us to help make our tournament experience that much more special for every team, all the families and each player,” Bartlett said. “And it goes without saying that we’re grateful to work with FLG on this series each year.”

Led by the father-son duo of Mike and Corey Winkoff, FLG is a Massapequa-based lacrosse company operating club teams and events throughout the Northeast, including the joint FLG in 3d event series with 3d Lacrosse. The companies team up not only in the summer, but also for the FLG in 3d Fall Shootout each November.

In 2018, 3d Lacrosse and FLG will introduce a new summer event on Long Island. Open to youth players in the eighth grade and younger, the next event in the FLG in 3d series will feature full-field play for eighth- and seventh-grade divisions, while younger players will compete in 3d Lacrosse’s increasingly popular “SEVENS” hybrid, seven-on-seven format.

“We enjoy working with Mike and Corey and the rest of the FLG staff on this tournament and the Fall Shootout every year,” Bartlett said. “Like us, they want to make this tournament run like a machine and ensure that all participants can play lacrosse in a great setting and have an excellent experience as individuals and teams.”

Corey Winkoff pointed out that the FLG in 3d series continues to draw a diverse set of teams and college coaches, from the most elite Division I programs to Division II, Division III and MCLA programs from coast to coast.

“A melting pot of club teams from all over the country is why the FLG in 3d Summer Shootout is the best team travel tournament experience of the summer,” said the younger Winkoff, who played Division I lacrosse at the University of Pennsylvania.

FLG Select Team families, he said, look forward to traveling down from Long Island to face tough teams from the South and the West. He pointed out that the Maryland SoccerPlex – with its Kentucky bluegrass fields, waterpark and a museum – gives families a fun-filled, engaging experience both on and away from the fields throughout the event.

“This tournament has it all, which is why the FLG in 3d Summer Shootout is an event we look forward to all year.”

A special guest at the FLG in 3d Summer Shootout, Harlem Lacrosse fielded two teams – a 2019 and a 2021 squad – over the course of the weekend. Members of the team stayed with families of players from Annapolis-based 3d Mid-Atlantic and spent the weekend getting to know them.

On Saturday at the event, Harlem and 3d Mid-Atlantic teams got together to meet one another, enjoying lunch provided by 3d Lacrosse and 3d Mid-Atlantic families.

“We were thrilled to have Harlem back again at the FLG in 3d Summer Shootout,” said 3d Lacrosse CEO Greg Waldbaum.

“Their presence was just another reason that this weekend was a such a great experience. Our event staff goes above and beyond to try to create the best tournaments they can, and our 3d families and teams – especially 3d Mid-Atlantic – treat the Harlem players like their own family.”

Waldbaum pointed to the many partnerships that tie together to help pull off one of 3d Lacrosse’s busiest and most special weekends of the year.

“We owe a big thanks to everyone involved on a tremendous weekend of lacrosse that brings a lot of people together,” he said.

“Above all, we want to thank FLG for their continued excellence in our partnership and of course thank you to all of our attending teams, players and their families, as well as the rest of our partners and sponsors.”

Below is a look at each of this year’s winners. For more information on the FLG in 3d Summer Shootout and Fall Shootout, visit 3dLacrosse.com/tournaments.

2018 Blue: Midwest Rebellion

2018 Red: 3d New England

2019 Blue: Booth Indians

2019 Red: 3d Colorado

2020 Blue: Team Carolina

2020 Red: FLG

2021 Blue: FCA Rochester

2021 Red: Team Carolina

2022: 3d Colorado

2023: 3d Colorado

2024: STEPS Elite

FLG in 3d All-Stars: 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

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