3d lacrosse

Welcome to 3d Lacrosse. We’re the nation’s fastest-growing lacrosse services company that offers innovative training, premier events, select travel teams, recruiting showcases and leagues for many levels of organized competition.

What makes 3d Lacrosse unique is our focus on training, our ability to develop players, and our love for the game.

Guided by the passion and experience of former Division I Coach Jamie Munro, 3d Lacrosse assists players and coaches by introducing them to an innovative training system. Our proprietary 3d Methodology, which Jamie pioneered while coaching at the University of Denver, exposes young players to the tactics and strategies of successful college programs.

With deep roots in the lacrosse community, 3d Lacrosse can attract talented coaches who want to help young players develop. Our professional coaches are then carefully trained by Coach Munro and his master coaches. This combination of exceptional coaching, superior training with real-time instruction, and thoughtfully planned tournament competition is unique to 3d Lacrosse, and unlike anything most players have ever experienced.

The center of our universe is training.  We offer training for all levels of lacrosse players.  Our opportunities start in each of our local markets and extend out to our national events.  3d Lacrosse is currently in 13 markets nationally including Boston, Hartford, Metro New York, Upstate New York, Annapolis, Atlanta, Denver, Houston, Dallas, Portland, San Francisco, Greater Los Angeles/Orange County, and San Diego.

3d Lacrosse also manages several national lacrosse events (tournaments, spring break training camps and regional jamborees) that are well attended and extremely organized. We strive to provide coaches, players and their families with the best possible experience each and every time they attend a 3d lacrosse event.

Our 3d Select Travel Teams provide elite players with an intensive training experience and the best national competition. Our goal is to develop these dedicated players, prepare them for elite high school competition, and then ensure college coaches not only know who they are but also recognize their potential for college lacrosse.

3d Lacrosse organizes several College Recruiting Showcases that allow aspiring high school players to get in front of college coaches from across the country. We manage the Rising Showcase Series including the Rising DI and Rising DIII showcases, and the California Gold Invitational Camp. The Box/Field Elite Series is is for the highest level middle school players who are prepared to test themselves against the best competition from around the country.

Throughout the year, 3d Lacrosse offers a wide variety of leagues in many cities across the country. Our goal is to create the best league conditions for players to dramatically improve their skill set through maximum repetition in tight environments. In our leagues, we always focus on player development and real-time instruction, while ensuring a growing appreciation and respect for the game.

3d Lacrosse Delivers Better Training & A Better Lacrosse Experience.