3d Colorado High School Boys Summer 2018 Program

3d Colorado High School Boys Summer 2018 Program

Program Overview

3d Colorado Boys is planning to field four High School select teams for the summer that will participate in the tournaments listed below. Players will be divided into teams by graduation years; 3d Colorado Boys will field two 2019, 2020, 2021 and one 2022 team. We may have more than one team per age group depending on numbers/talent at tryouts.

To register for tryouts for the upcoming 3d Colorado Boys Select season, please click HERE.


Player development and team training is the most important aspect of a youth or scholastic lacrosse player’s experience, but yet tends to be the least emphasized component of club lacrosse nationwide. 3d Lacrosse consistently produces structured training camp scenarios that foster learning and rapid player development that will undoubtedly help a player achieve a higher level of overall performance.

Players will be immersed in the 3d Lacrosse Methodology, which thrusts them into high-speed, high-repetition, scenarios featuring playmaking in tight spaces and small-sided learning environments. The result is an accelerated development of player IQ and stick skills, as players benefit from a far greater number of touches in these scenarios than what is typically provided by a traditional field lacrosse practice.  

Age Groups

  • Class of 2019 - 2022

Summer Tournaments


2019 AA Team

2019 A Team

2020 AA Team

2020 A Team

2021 AA Team

2021 A Team

2022 Team

Travel Information

Summer Overnight Training Camp

Friday, June 8th - Saturday June, 9th at CU Boulder- 2022s ONLY, 2019-2021s will only go for the day on Friday, June 8th

Summer Training Locations

Tentative location: Englewood High School

Summer Training Sessions

**Please refer to Team App for the most updated schedule.. if you do not have Team App, please download the app to you smartphones/tablets, search "3d Colorado Boys" and request access to your team. All practices are listed under "Season Schedule".

For more information, or questions, please contact:

Emily Beh, Colorado Coordinator
[email protected]