Coaching Services

3d Lacrosse is a comprehensive, full service lacrosse consulting group that assists coaches in finding solutions to questions concerning the development of their players and program. Our main goal is to enhance and develop systems, streamline practices, and bring a Division I knowledge base of cutting edge skills and tactics to boys and girls high school and youth programs through the "Box / Field hybrid™ development system" and "Part-Whole" methodology.  We accomplish this goal through "workshops" and one-on-one coach consultation.

Youth Boys and Girls Philosophy: at 3d Lacrosse we are experts at training the youngest and least experienced player.  The key to working with players 10 and under is: 1) to understand what they are physically capable of and 2) making it fun.  Beginning players struggle to catch the ball, but are capable of scooping, dodging, faking, passing, and shooting.  With this understanding, we construct practice plans that teach multiple variations of skills they can do while methodically working the skill of catching.  

Making it fun: by keeping the drills small sided, at times a 1:1 ratio of kids to balls, we are able to maximize reps while keeping the kiddo concentrating on his/her ball.  "Fun games" is a way we integrate terminology, skills and techniques into games like: "Freeze Tag", "Sharks and Minnows", "Musical Ground Balls", "Fireball", "Farmer and the Fox", "Relay Races" and many more.  

Girls Philosophy: Our 3d Methodology is built for boys and girls lacrosse.  It is acknowledged that safety is our number one concern, and that there are rule differences between boys and girls lacrosse.  However, our focus is on teaching skill and IQ.  The women's game at it's highest level requires amazing athleticism, skill, and intelligence.  The women's game with current stick technologies and rules is closer than ever to men's lacrosse.

Similarities Between Girls and Boys Lacrosse

Footwork: The footwork in dodging and defending are identicle between boys lacrosse and girls lacrosse.

Stickwork: The techniques of passing, catching, stick protection, faking, and shooting are essesially the same with advantages and disadvantages for both sides (boys/girls) with respect to pocket size.  An example- while it is easier to catch with a boys stick, it is easier to pass and shoot accurately with a girl's stick.  Girls sticks in this day and age allow players to do amazing things with their sticks that historically would have been impossible.

Cutting / Movement: V cuts, give and go's, back door cuts, cutting the middle, clear throughs, shallow cuts, seals, picks (with the exception of back picking) setting your player up to cut, are all identicle in boys lacrosse to girl's lacrosse and should be learned by all lacrosse players.

Defense: Here is where the rules between girls and boys make the teaching a little different.  That said, the footwork of shuffling, back pedaling, turning to run are the same; the girls game requires more double teaming, and the one on one on ball techniqe is vastly different from youth to high school, to the college game.  Girls will learn age appropriate techniques of checking and physical defense.