3d Workshops: Coaching Coaches

3d Workshops are designed to give coaches and their program unparalleled access to one of our 3d Lacrosse Master Coaches.

3d Lacrosse travels to each programs location to:

    • Develop your coaching staff while at the same time training
       your players

    • Help solidify your skill development system by incorporating the 3d
       Lacrosse Box/Field Hybrid™ training methodology into your program

    • Provide a unique opportunity for you and your players to invest in your
      own program and do something that is going to make everyone better

    • Increase your tactical knowledge of the game through private coaches
      clinics with you and your staff

     • Sustain a long lasting relationship with 3d Lacrosse to help ensure you
      always have a resource to turn to in your ongoing quest to improve       your program

    • Have access to our Video Drill Library via our website through
      the end of your spring season

Click here to see live 3d Workshop video.

All workshops are somewhat “customizable” but they generally fall into 3 categories:
1. Field Lacrosse Workshop
2. Box Lacrosse Workshop
3. Box/Field Combination Workshop
For more information please contact:

Logan Bobzien: