The primary mission of 3d Lacrosse is to simply deliver a better training experience and to develop individual players to their fullest. 3d Lacrosse programs enhance and encourage lacrosse specific skills and teach players how to implement these skills in game situations. Player development is arguably the most important and least emphasized component of youth lacrosse. 3d structures scenarios that bring players to new levels of playmaking using the Box / Field Hybrid Development System. The tempo and tactics of 3d practices resemble those of Division I lacrosse, giving 3d participants an intense experience directed. Our highly qualified staff of professional coaches will utilize the 3d Box / Field Hybrid™ Development System to train and coach all players in this new and unique program. 

Through on-field instruction, whiteboard discussions, and often used video replay, 3d Lacrosse camps and clinics deliver a variety of intense and practical experiences for athletes from 2nd grade through high school. 3d Lacrosse believes that the younger the athlete gets started with the 3d Lacrosse Methodology, the greater advantage the player will have to develop to their fullest potential. Exceptional coaching and the consistent delivery of our superior training allows players of all ability to become better. 3d Lacrosse also provides coaching services such as private and group consultation, small group lessons, and workshops which provide customized training schedules and programs. 3d Lacrosse delivers unique instruction that is unlike anything most players have experienced. Our ability to develop players is unparalleled in the lacrosse training landscape today.