FLG in 3d Summer Format and Rules

FLG in 3d Summer Format and Rules

FLG in 3d Lacrosse Policies

Weather and Cancellations

Code of Conduct

2022 FLG in 3D Summer Shootout Format & Rules


All teams must submit a roster prior to the start of the tournament on the 3d Lacrosse website. If 3d Lacrosse does not receive a roster before the start of the tournament the team will be ineligible to participate.
FLG in 3d Staff reserve the right to conduct roster checks at the beginning of each team’s first game and throughout the duration of the weekend.

Game Guarantee

All teams are guaranteed a minimum of four games over the course of three days, with an additional fifth game for championship teams.

Game Rules

  • NCAA Rules for High School, US Lacrosse (aside from age groups) for 2025 and younger
  • NO Zone Defense
  • Any division with 16 or more teams will be split into "A" and "B" divisions
  • Games will be scheduled in 50-minute time blocks
  • Games will consist of two 22-minute halves and a 2 minute halftime
  • No timeouts
  • In case of a tie, a four-minute sudden death period will be played. 
  • Pool Play: The game will end in a tie
  • Playoff Play: The game will have a sudden death period until a winner is determined.
  • Final two minutes of game during bracket play is stoppage time.
  • 4 minutes in between games
  • Pool play and championship play

Player Eligibility

  • Each team must be placed in the age bracket of the oldest players on their team
  • Please see the age breakdown guide below:

Graduation Year Grade

2022 - Post Grad (max 4/team)
2023 - Rising Senior (12th Grade)
2024 - Rising Junior (11th Grade)
2025 - Rising Sophomore (10th Grade)
2026 - Rising Freshman (9th Grade)
2027 - Rising 8th Grader
2028 - Rising 7th Grader
2029 - Rising 6th Grader


There will be pool play and championship play in the FLG in 3d Summer Shootout. How well a team does in pool play will determine their seeding for the championship. Seeding ties are broken in the following way:
1. Record in pool play
2. Head-to-head*
3. Goals against
4. Goal differential
5. Coin flip
*In the case of a two way tie head-to-head record will be used, in the case of a three way tie the seeding tie will be broken by goals against- NOT head-to-head

Weather Updates

Should tournament play be haulted due to severe weather, the tournament organizers will send text messages via the tourney machine app. It is highly recommended that all club directors, coaches and parents download this app to their phone so they can have all the most up to date information. To get the app, go to www.tourneymachine.com and search FLG in 3d Summer Shootout.

Abbreviated Schedules

Should games be delayed due to weather, tournament organizers will shorten games and half times to catch up to the regular schedule.

In the event that Maryland Soccerplex closes down their grass fields completely, 3d Lacrosse will publish a revised schedule to accommodate as many games as possible.

Please note there are no rain dates and no refunds will be issued due to weather related adjustments or cancellations.

Please contact Nicole Conn with any questions on format or rules.