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"This program was by far the best around, my  son got more out of these 3 days then he has over the course of the last 2 summers of club lacrosse.  The top level coaching talent and 3d training system at 3d Blue Chip blows away anything I have seen in a long time."


C. Clinton


"First, I want to thank you for inviting Nicholas to the freshman training camp at Govenors Academy. He had a phenomenal time, met some great kids from all over the country and received some of the best instruction a young man could hope for from Coach Mulvey and others. He’s attended many camps and clinics over the years and 3d’s camp was first rate, well organized and kept the boys attention. As a father, I appreciated your hands on involvement not only in the training, but how you interacted with each of the kids afterward. It was impressive how your first words were, “are you having fun and how are you doing in school”..."

Steve Boozang

"The 3d high school clinic held in Durham, NC was an outstanding experience for V3 lacrosse and had an immediate impact on the coaches and players alike. In fact, the clinic made such a difference we've incorporated the 3d methodology, coaching approach and drills into V3s entire training program."
                                                                                                           Frank Logan, Director V3 Lacrosse Virginia Beach, VA

Frank Logan

The 3d Lacrosse training is the best training program we’ve ever been part of - the level of instruction, the level of play, and the immediate improvement we saw in our son Thomas’ game was remarkable. Thomas has worked with the best coaches and programs in our area (NC) and adding the 3d field / box hybrid training allowed him to take his game to the next level. Nothing has had a more important impact on his development as a player than the 3d Lacrosse experience he’s had. We owe a big Thank You to Jamie Munro, David Jenkins, Matt Rowley, and Todd Francis for truly developing Thomas into an elite player!

Mark Schmidt

The 3d coaches really are the best, and the training camps I’ve attended have really helped me become a better player. Thank you Coach Munro, Coach Jenkins, Coach Rowley and Coach Francis for the skills and know-how I have now. You’ve shown me a way of playing the game that has really helped me become the player I wanted to be. The 3d Blue Chip camp, the Pomfret camp, the Denver camp, the Durham camp along with the playing I’ve done with the 3d Select teams has been an awesome experience!

T. Schmidt

Hello David,

It was great! A much better fit for Cody. He absolutely loved it. Fast paced and challenging but alot more instructional as well. I stayed and watched the practice and was very impressed on how the coaches ran it. Every drill progressed into something else and then was put to use in 2 on 2's 3 on 2's situations etc... Cody learned a ton in that 2 hour time span. He talked my ear off the whole ride home about everything he learned. Your coaches did a great job with all of the kids. Thank you again for speaking with me last week and please thank the coaches as well. You have a very well run program. It is refreshing to see since there are alot of "cash cow" programs out there that care more about taking your money than developing players. Looking forward to next week! Thank you! Mark O.

Mark O.

“Jamie Munro and the coaches and staff at 3d lacrosse are outstanding. They have guided my sons through the recruiting process from beginning to end with integrity, honesty and timeliness. When I ask Mitch who has had the biggest positive impact on him as a lacrosse player, he does not hesitate with two names – Coach Jamie and Coach Burnam. In my opinion, there is no greater recommendation or honor."

Mark Russell

"That was an incredible experience all around.  I can’t thank you enough for all your efforts.  That was by far the best tournament we have ever been to.  I can’t imagine the amount of work that went into pulling that off.  I hope you are taking a well-deserved day off.  Henry Gans had a fabulous experience.  He even got a nice mention  in Inside Lacrosse." 

John G.

"Thank you so much for the best experience that Tommy has ever experienced!  He has not stopped talking about the whole weekend....it was amazing for him!  Has not stopped talking about all of it.....the amazing coaches, the sessions, what he learned, the kids, the facility, the food, the fun at night, his teammates....the list goes on and on.  Thank you so much! 

Gail Stabile

"I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed the 3d Select CO U11 Blue team this summer.    Michael had a great time and really improved his game working with Dan and Matt.  They were both great coaches and role models for the boys.  It was nice to win as many games as we did, but more importantly, the individual growth and team approach made it a great experience.  In addition, the communication, organization, and preparation for all of our events was very well done."                                                                                                     Thanks again!,   Mike C.

Mike C.

"3d Lacrosse has exceeded are expectations in every way.  Jamie Munro and David Jenkins have been absolutely incredible. They are always accessible and the guidance, feedback, effort they extended to us throughout the recruiting process was amazing"...

Mike Perreault

"Your system gets better each year, and I am always impressed that for such a big operation from the exterior, you and all of your staff are exceptionally easy to reach, and respond quickly - even at half time when running a game as Katie did one evening. She was an immense help with coordination at the Sirata for us with anything and everything - the trips back and forth to the fields were seamless, as was everything else. We accomplished what we traveled to do, which was improve, and from the top down our group left better lacrosse players than they arrived - even those too banged up to play in our final game. Not sure if you could feel it given the pace you had to run at times, but I noticed a nice buzz from the teams, coaches and players, about what was happening with the fields and the entire program. It is too bad more junior boarding schools don't take advantage of the opportunity, even if it meant bringing in free agents from other schools to field a team."

Paul Kendall - Eaglebrook School

"I just wanted to take a minute to express my gratitude to you all for such a wonderful week in Florida. By any measure the trip was a huge success, and on behalf of my team and coaching staff, I can't thank you enough.

There were so many positives that came out of the experience that I'm sure I'll forget to mention something, but here's an attempt to capture the highlights:

1. Player development - It was awesome to watch our kids get better every practice. The sheer number of hours spent on the field certainly helped, but more important was the undivided attention we had from our kids. They had nothing but lacrosse on their minds, so were completely dialed in to what we were teaching. Because there wasn't a lot of down time between sessions, we could easily incorporate into any practice the skills and concepts taught in previous sessions without much review. Everything was still fresh on the kid's minds.

2. Coaching assistance from 3D Lacrosse - I'm not sure how to quantify the value here, but this alone was worth every penny we paid. Your knowledge and willingness to help was priceless, and I feel very fortunate to have formed a partnership with your organization.

3. Logistics - Flawless! Sara and her team deserve a ton of credit. I realize how difficult it is to coordinate and execute an event like this, and your attention to detail and my team's well being was tremendous.

4. Culture and team identity - Since this is my first year as head coach, one of the primary goals for pre-season was to begin establishing the culture of Andover lacrosse and to form a team identity. We'll promote a learning environment to develop complete lacrosse players, a team first attitude, a yeoman-like work ethic, and fun. The setting you provided facilitated this. It was the perfect mix of player development, game time, and down time.

5. Camaraderie - It was terrific for our coaching staff and players to reconnect with old acquaintances and make lots of new friends. I'm certain that we'll stay in touch with many of the people we met.

At the end of the day, the best testament to the trip's success was all the smiling faces of my players. It was tremendous to see my new 9th graders hanging out with the 12th graders, and everyone having fun together. An added bonus is the numerous phone calls and emails I've received from parents, thanking me for providing the opportunity to their kids. I realize their calls during the season will probably have a very different tone, but I'll hang on to the positive as long as I can!

P.S. I don't remember Spencer's last name, so couldn't include him on this email. Please thank him for me though. He did great work with our goalies.

Thanks for everything guys"

Steve Moreland - Andover

"I just wanted to thank both of you for another great lacrosse week. I appreciate how attentive you are to what makes the week easier for team coaches – especially as I was basically solo this year in terms of lacrosse help. Also, I once again left feeling like I know a lot more about lacrosse than I did when I left.

Jamie, you have got my mind turning about box lacrosse, and I am going to look into some venues and contact local teams in lower Westchester to see about the possibility of getting an informal league going next winter. If there is enough interest, I’d certainly like to talk to you about how a clinic to start it all off might work.

Thanks again,"

Chris Arnold - Hackley School

"I wanted to write and say thank you once again for a great lacrosse experience for our team. The boys had another great experience, and I appreciated the excellent attention from all of your staff. I know there is a lot of work that is put in behind the scenes to get ready for March. I love the new system you have in place. The long drive is fine in the morning. Overall, I just wanted to say thanks. Great job again, and we'll see you next year."

Bill Lee - Brewster Academy

"On behalf of the Shady Side girls lacrosse team we want to thank you for an excellent time at your 3d camp during our spring break. The girls had a fantastic time and I appreciate that everything was organized and went as planned. I didn’t have to worry about anything. You took care of all the details and I appreciate it. I have attached a picture of our team on the beach the last day of camp."

Emily Schaknowski - Shady Side Academy

"I wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you to the 3d Blue Chip organization for an excellent event. I know there were many people involved and I hope that you can pass on our thanks.

From my perspective, my son Mason B. is a 2014 close defender that has attended camps, showcases and tournaments all over the country for the last 2-3 years. The instruction 3d Blue Chip offered the first two days of the event was phenomenal. The coaching was excellent and the methods used to teach the concepts insured that each boy was involved and learned what was being taught. We hadn’t experienced anything like it before. I found myself videoing the instruction from the sideline so I could show the high school team I coach. The quality of play in the games that followed was excellent. I am certain there were a number of players that are going to get an opportunity to play Division I lacrosse because of this event and an invite to Jake Reed’s Blue Chip. The players invited to the event were great athletes and great lacrosse players. Mason was excited and honored to be included.

Would you please pass along our thank you. If you have additional events, please include us on your mailing list so we can participate where possible."

Thank you,

Brain B.

"Once again, thank you very much for all your assistance last week to work the details to allow Tyler to participate in the 3d blue chip camp in Phoenix this past weekend. Also, it was a pleasure to meet you and put a name with a face. The camp was great, well run with an excellent facility. It was certainly the best one that we have attended, and we have been attending camps for the past 4-5 years by Gamebreaker, Universities, clubs, etc… In addition, the competition and talent level was the type we have been seeking, in order to challenge and improve his lacrosse game."

Maury B.

"Well done this weekend in Sarasota. Your (3dbc) camp was well organized and very professionally presented -we enjoyed the opportunity to participate. I especially liked the recruiting seminar, as the information shared was very topical and presented in a way that helped me and my son understand the reality of the college recruiting process while managing our expectations as we move forward -great information! Keep up the good work!"      

Jim P.